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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

100,000 Chechens Attend Putin`s Birthday Rally in Grozny

Up to 100,000 people have taken part in a birthday celebration rally in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Chechnya's capital of Grozny, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported Tuesday. The rally was launched at Minutka Square later moving on to Akhmad Kadyrov Avenue in Grozny, where "up to 100,000 Chechens attended the celebration", a spokesman for the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs told RIA Novosti. The participants carried 600 meter Russian and Chechen flags chanting "Russia!", "Chechnya!" The celebration will conclude with a birthday concert and Chechen folk dancing. This year, on October 7, Vladimir Putin celebrates his 62nd birthday. According to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the Russia leader took a day off and left for the Siberian taiga to mark his birthday.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

21 year old Polish woman dedicates her life to having $-ex with 100,000 men - ( Polish readers, pls register asap. hehe)

21 year old Polish woman, Ania Lisewka, (pictured above) has vowed to travel to every city across the world in a bizarre quest to sleep with 100,000 men.According to reports, Ania, who has a serious boyfriend, has already embarked on her mission and has slept with 284 men so far, starting with cities in her home country, Poland.  Anna told the Austrian Times: 'I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love s-ex, fun and men. In Poland the subject of s-ex is still taboo and anyone who wants to fulfill their s-exual fantasies is considered a deviant, a w**** or mentally ill.' Ania is so determined to complete her task that she's set up a Facebook page and a website to keep people (interested in her exploits) up to date with her s-ex marathon.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

100 Years After, Lokoja Still Asleep!

With barely some months away from to the celebration of Nigeria Centenary and as Lokoja, the administrative capital in the amalgamation of Northern Protectorate and Southern Protectorate to form Nigeria in 1914, one wonders what is and has happens to Lokoja in 100 years after?

It behooves a visitor to Lokoja, to ask, is this the same city that Lord Fredrick Lugard presides over Nigeria as the Governor-General? It definitely left a sour taste in most visitors and first time visitors to Lokoja, describe as a Confluence city, with famous historical sites and captivating hill, one would have thought Lokoja would have become a tourists destination, attracting visitor and tourists across the planet. 

Mount Patti, Lord Fredrick Lugard's residence, office and tomb remains a historical sites and monuments, yet untapped by both the state government and investors. Lokoja metropolis remains lifeless at 10:00pm. Making phone calls in Lokoja remains a mirage, as Internet Cafes remain scattered and exhortation. A recent drive around Lokoja portray the city as " A City Asleep After 10:00pm!" as Nigeria first administrative capital, one thing you cannot take away from Lokoja is the various drinking joints scattered across the city center, note of worthy is Crowther Memorial road, the road hosts; NUJ State Secretariat, Old Lord Fredrick Lugard [opposite Lokoja Township Stadium], National Commissions for Museum and Monuments. 
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

6 dead and at least 100 injured as hail storms and tornadoes hit Texas

Multiple fatalities and 120 homes destroyed as storms and powerful tornadoes struck Texas Wednesday.

Matt Zavadsky, a spokesman for MedStar Mobile Healthcare says about 100 people were injured as tornadoes touched down several times in Hood, Tarrant, Dallas and Parker counties. Hardest hit were two neighborhoods, Rancho Brazos Estates and DeCordova Ranch, in the southern end of the town of about 8,000 residents.
"With these types of tornadoes, they touch down; they lift up; they touch down. They tend to hopscotch," he said.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Over 100 people burnt to death in accident on Benin-Ore Expressway

That's a photo from the scene sent to me by a LIB reader. The accident occurred this afternoon at Igbogui village in Benin and involved three heavy duty vehicles; a Young Shall Grow Motors luxury bus, a fuel tanker with registration number GA 71 XA, and a Dangote truck carrying cement. 

Over 100 people were burnt to death when the fuel tanker exploded following the accident. The fire spread to surrounding shops and burnt several cars packed nearby. Survivors have been rushed to the hospital while rescue efforts by the Federal Road Safety Corps & Civil Defence Corps continues.

Friday, March 15, 2013

50,000 – 100,000 Babies Born With HIV in Nigeria Annually – Report

A recent report has shown that between 50,000 and 100,000 of babies born in the country yearly are carriers of HIV.
The report was released on Tuesday in Abuja, when the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, hosted the National Steering Group of the Global Plan towards the Elimination of New HIV Infections among Children by 2015 and Keeping their Mothers Alive.
The group was constituted by President Goodluck Jonathan in April 2012 to help mobilise national leadership for global plan on eliminating mother-to-child transmission, implementation and keeping their mothers alive.
The NSG has since been working across states of the federation, seeking to end transmission of the scourge.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gang Member caught with 100 Wraps of heroin hidden in his anus

A New Jersey gang-banger pulled over for a traffic stop on Thursday was caught with 100 tiny bags of heroin hidden in his anus, police said.
Rasoul Speight, 32, and a passenger, Gary Sylak, 25, were pulled over for on the Palisades Parkway in Alpine, in Bergen County, for unclear plates and obstructed view, Palisades Interstate Parkway police said. 
The cops caught a whiff of marijuana and searched the car, but found nothing.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

More than 100 killed in new ‘massacre’ in Syria –Watchdog

More than 100 civilians have been killed in a new “massacre” in Syria, a watchdog said Thursday, as Russia slammed the United States for blaming deadly blasts at a university campus on the Damascus regime. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the deaths came when the army on Tuesday swept through farmlands north of Homs, where it said around 1,000 people had sought refuge from fighting ravaging the city in central Syria.  “The Syrian regime carried out a new massacre on Tuesday claiming 106 victims, including women and children,” said the Britain-based watchdog, which relies on a network of activists and medics on the ground.


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