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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oscar Pistorius recounts moment he shot his lover at his home

Oscar Pistorius broke down in court today as he talked about the moment he shot & killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp via a toilet door at his Pretoria home. Oscar claimed he was paralyzed with fear thinking an intruder had entered the  house before he opened fire via a locked toilet door.
Now which girlfriend locks herself in her boyfriend's toilet at 3am each day if she's not trying to flee from someone? And how will you not check your girlfriend is safe & around you before  you begin firing shots? I don't buy this, but anyway below is how he describe what happened..
"I wasn't sure where to point the firearm. My eyes were going between the windows and the toilet. I stood for some time. I just stayed where I was and kept on screaming. Then I heard a noise from inside the toilet that I perceived to be somebody coming out of the toilet. Before I knew it, I had fired four shots at the door." He said. Continue after the break.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pastor Wale Ojo recounts his shocking experience on the Associated Airline plane which crashed (Must Read)

A close friend of mine told me his experience on that same plane which crashed . The Agagu family claims that the plane was in a bad state and that Feyi Agagu almost didn't want to board the plane after seeing it's condition Coincidentally I just found this real-life experience written by  Pastor Wale Ojo on his facebook wall with the title"The crashed plane and my plain experience
It was in February, 2012. A Revival in Port-Harcourt and a quick visit to two friends of mine in Abuja surged me to journey home. In twenty-four years I had not seen Tony Akhiotu, now Managing Director, DAAR Communication. Nothing of course would be wrong to say hello to him as he was expecting me. The Adebayos too, (Wole & Anita) extended to me a warm invite to visit their place. The choice was no longer mine; I had to see my friends in the capital of Nigeria, that’s what friends are for. A table had been prepared before me in the presence of my friends.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Retired soldier Dies and Resurrect After Three Days In Mortuary, Recounts Ordeal

The story of retired soldier, Kayode Sotunde, is akin to biblical Jesus Christ who died and resurrected after three days. But differently, the 49-year-old man was neither on a rescue mission like Messiah who paid the debt he did not owe nor was coerced to go through the Calvary tortures like Jesus did for the sake of humanity.
However, the story of this man who returned from the great beyond is worth celebrating.
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Facebook Murder:Receptionist Recounts How Cynthia Was Found Dead

The trial of the suspects in connection with the murder of Facebook girl, Cynthia Osokogu began in Lagos today with the state calling Mrs Ifeyinwa Njegbu, a receptionist at Cosmilla Hotel, where Cynthia’s body was found, stone dead.
In her testimony, Ifeyinwa told the court that while on duty on 21 July, 2012, she checked in two guests, a man and a woman who claimed to be a couple into Room C1 of the hotel at about 12 noon. She noted that at about 8 a.m the next day, while she was preparing to hand over to one of her colleagues, Vivian Amule, the couple informed her through phone that they were checking out.
“After I had handed over to my colleague, I asked her to check out the couple since they had told me that they were leaving that morning”


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