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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beirut suicide bomber kills Lebanese security officer late on Tuesday

An overnight suicide blast in Beirut's southern suburbs, Hezbollah's main bastion, killed a security officer, who had tried to stop the bomber, the General Security agency said Tuesday. No one has claimed the attack, but an audio recording posted on YouTube by a Sunni militant group said there would be more "strikes" if the Shiite movement does not pull out of Syria.

The explosion happened around midnight (21:00 GMT Monday) near an army checkpoint and cafe where football fans were watching a World Cup match.
An army statement said a suicide attacker driving a white Mercedes "blew himself up at an army checkpoint at the Tayuneh roundabout (in southern Beirut), wounding several civilians."

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wellness of pregnant woman assaulted by Lebanese Manager worsen

According to a report by Premium Times, the healthiness of the factory employee assaulted by her Lebanese boss causing her to lose her 7 months pregnancy, has significantly ruined & requires urgent body transfusion.

"I just finished talking with the surgeon that did the emergency surgery and he said her condition has worsen sharply since yesterday. Her stitches were removed today but the doctor said she is very weak and under serious emotional trauma. He said she needs immediate blood transfusion or else her situation would get worse,” Alexandra Ossai's lawyer told Premium Times
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Battered Pregnant Woman, factory Worker: Lebanese Manager Arrested

The Lebanese boss who allegedly beats the hell out of a pregnant factory worker, causing her to get rid of her 7-months pregnancy, has been arrested by the Nigerian police. Kaveh Noine, a manager with Toppan Printing Company positioned in Ikeja Industrial Estate, was arrested yesterday Friday December 27th in Kano where he fled to and was sent back to Lagos to manage justice.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lebanese manager beats the hell out of a pregnant woman employee in Lagos, 7-month baby drops.

HS! Over my dead body. Why is the opposite of what happens abroad always happen in Nigeria ?? A Lebanese that should be washing our roads and cleaning our toilets is beating the hell out of our citizen!!! Did this really happen? According to a shocking report by National Daily Newspaper, a 7-month pregnant factory worker was beaten so badly by her Lebanese boss that she lost her baby.

Workers in a Lagos based packaging and printing company, Toppan Packaging Company Limited situated on Ladipo Oluwole in Ikeja Industrial Estate couldn't believe what they witnessed on Friday the 13th December 2013.

When the shift manager, a Lebanese; Kaveh Noine beat up the Cleaning Unit Supervisor Mrs. Alice Ossai in their presence, due to what he deemed negligence on her behalf, his grouse, a part of the factory is littered with dirt and she failed in her responsibility to rein in her team to help keep the factory floor spick and span.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nigeria Accuses Detained Lebanese Of ‘Serious Terrorism Charge’

Nigeria authorities have said that the three Lebanese arrested last month for alleged possession of illegal arms in the northern city of Kano and Abuja, the nation’s capital are involved in a much more serious case of terrorism and a threat to national security.

According to court papers filed in response to a lawsuit filed by the three Lebanese challenging their detention by the Department of State Service (DSS), preliminary investigation has established a much more serious case of terrorism and their activities constitute a threat to national security.
The suspects, Abdallah Thaini, Mustapha Fawaz and Talal Roda were brought to court in obedience to a court order directing the secret police to produce them to enable them prosecute their case.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

We're not involved in Hezbollah armoury saga - Lebanese community

The Lebanese community in Kano has exonerated itself from the large consignment of arms  uncovered by the Nigerian security agents in the troubled northern Nigerian commercial city that was linked to international terrorist organization, Hezbollah.

Addressing newsmen in Kano in its first official reaction since the Hezbollah cell in the city was busted by the security agents, Chairman of the community, Tahir Fadlallah said that the Lebanese Community ‘’unequivocally condemns crime in whatever form”.

Tahir Fadlallah,  who also doubled as the chairman of the Tahir Guest palace in Kano said that, “with almost 100 years of our stay in Kano, we have never been associated with any crime that threatened the peace of our host”.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lebanese man found dead at his home in Nigeria after robbery

A Lebanese man, Adel Jamil Bejjani (pictured above) was beaten to death yesterday Saturday April 27th at his home in Nigeria by unidentified men during a robbery operation.

The 29 year old man worked as a manager of a hotel and was planning on leaving Nigeria to reside permanently in Lebanon on May 5 before his untimely death.
Lebanon Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour confirmed Adel's death, saying they believe he was beaten to death during a robbery operation at his home. He also said they have contacted the Lebanese embassy in Abuja and have been informed that Bejjani's body will be transferred to Lebanon on Monday April 29th. The embassy will work with the Nigerian police to find the men who killed Adel.


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