Saturday, June 14, 2014

Over 50% of Americans do not view Obama as strong and honest leader - poll

More than half of Americans do not believe US President Barack Obama to be a strong and honest leader. These are the results of a public opinion poll conducted in the first decade of June by the Gallup research center. 52 percent of respondents said that Obama's activity in general makes a bad impression on them. 47 percent of those who took part in the survey adhere to the opposite view.

In the course of the public opinion survey, respondents were also asked what leadership characteristics related or did not relate to the current occupant of the White House. 53percent of respondents said they did not agree with the statement that Obama could be considered "a strong and decisive leader". 45 percent of respondents adhere to another opinion on this matter.
51percent of respondents disagree with the statement that the current President of the USA is "honest and trustworthy." 47 percent of respondents hold the opposite point of view on this issue. And also 51 percent oppose and 47 percent support the statement that in their eyes he is an "honest and trustworthy man". The share of those doubting Obama's honesty, according to sociologists, has exceeded half of the respondents for the first time during his Presidency.
In early June, the data of an opinion poll conducted by the Fox News channel was released, according to which 55 percent of Americans believed that during the Presidency of Barack Obama, the USA had to a large extent lost its position in the world. In general, according to the Fox News survey, 54 percent of respondents do not approve of Obama's activities as President. Meanwhile, 34 percent of Americans like the foreign policy of the head of the White House, and 58 percent of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the way Obama deals with the problems of the internal policy.

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