Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ogun State Deserve Real Change!

In continuation of our series, the Ogun State Youth Association of Nigeria wish to state unequivocally that we are being driven by the overall well being of our fellow youths and the general populace and not by any other motives or politician as being speculated after our last press release. If the government of the day had been responsive to Ogun State people’s demand and genuinely proactive to solving their problems there wouldn’t have been need for any write up in the first instance. We therefore challenged the government to show to the whole world the welfare package they’ve been doling out to the public that elected them into office. 

Aside the welfare package we advocate for, it is suffice to note that our executive governor seems to have been running a one man show where we are sure the expert advice of almost all the aides serving in the present cabinet are not being carried out as advice, the sycophants seems to be having the upper hand with the affairs of things in the state. These seems to have shown in the way and manner His Excellency is handling the political crises in the humble party that brought him to power and magnanimously gave him the pecks he is presently enjoying. Should we say this singular act of seeking political power had beclouded His Excellency towards the business of governance he was overwhelmingly elected to do. Are Ogun people getting the commensurate result to the change they are all clamouring for when electing Governor Ibikunle Amosun into power in 2011? Hell no, we are sure will be the overwhelming answer from the generality of the populace.

A visit to some hospital in the state will show the gross and total neglect of this critical sector of the state where it is on tape where His Excellency was promising heaven on earth during the electioneering campaign of the election that brought him into office in 2011. How many pregnant women and the elderly were enjoying the free health services Governor Ibikunle Amosun promised this set of people in the face of the whole world while taking his oath of office on May 29, 2011, we challenge the necessary arm of the government to come out with the statistics and the beneficiaries of the free health service if available and if this government is being sincere to the Ogun people. All our hospitals are in a state of comatose which are mere dispensing centres compared to the world class health facilities His Excellency promised on his way to the government house. The morale of health workers in the state is completely dead, no motivation to spur the workers to bring out their best in servicing humanity in their trade of saving lives. Report of inadequate staff (ranging from doctors, nurses, other health workers) is all over the health facilities we visited. The question again is what has the government done since May 29, 2011 done to better the lot of this critical sector that moves any economy?

In concluding this piece Ogun State Youth Association of Nigeria ask the present government in the state:
1. When will the reduction in the fees payable in our tertiary institutions be carried out as promised by His Excellency during the build up of him being elected the Executive Governor of our dear state?
2. When will the world class advertised model schools takes off after sinking billions of naira into the project without commensurate result to show for it?
3. How many of the much hyped roads had been commissioned and handed over for use despite the ridiculous funds that had been sunk into the “uncalled for” roads project because they are not the utmost priority in moving the Ogun State economy?
4. Are the Local Government Administrations in the state performing to the optimum? What are the landmark projects this third tier of government have done since sworn into office? We challenged the state government to publish widely the release of fund to this tier of government for the world to judge if it actually measure up to the work done by various Local Government Administration.
5. What is the exact welfare package this administration have for the generality of youths around the state. Many unemployed graduates are roaming our streets without jobs and any welfare package going there way, so many artisans are all over the Ogun State communities without any hope of a better tomorrow going by the way this government is neglecting issues that pertains the youths. Does this government have anything in store/stock for the youths?

Kareem Saheed
Ogun State Youths Association of Nigeria

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