Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jealous Man Kills & Eats the Heart of his ex-Girlfriend's New Lover with Fork

A Zimbabwean man who is presumed to be jealous stabbed his ex girlfriend's new lover cut out his heart and ate it using a knife and fork in South Africa.

The man's ex lover, Tshabalalahe in her 50's told police that her former lover visited her home where she was living with her new man and they had chatted together before he gave her money to buy a drink before he left. She then went out and came back to see that her 62 year old lover, Manona (pictured above) was dead.


The Times reports that a witness, Nkululeko Mpambo, said he had seen part of the attack through a window. He was too frightened to go into the house. He said he saw a man sitting next to Manona’s body on the bedroom floor.

"His hands were bloody and he kept digging from the body and stuffing his face.When we got there the man kept muttering 'I am the king' and declaring his undying love for the woman. He then cut the heart out and ate it.
'Even when the police got here... the guys were scared to go in. They had to call for back-up.You can't really blame them - how do you go into a room with someone dripping another person's blood out of his mouth?

It is not the first time that Soloshe has been embroiled in a fatal love triangle. Her husband, wealthy Cape Town businessman Bhekizulu Tshabalala, was murdered by her alleged lover, Xolani Hobongwana, in 1996.

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