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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Chad shut down borders with Nigeria

According to Punch, the Chadian government has said it will follow in South Africa’s footsteps and introduce travel restrictions to Nigeria and other countries suffering from the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak.

Prime Minister Kalzeubet Payimi Deubet said the country would close its border with Nigeria as part of efforts to prevent Ebola from entering the country. He said the decision would have an “economic impact” on the region, but it was necessary for “public health needs.”

Friday, August 15, 2014

Control of Ebola epidemic will take 6 months - President of Doctors Without borders

 The International President of Doctors Without Borders, Joanne Liu (pictured left), said today August 15th that it can take 6 months to bring the existing Ebola epidemic sweeping through West Africa under control. She said this after having a 10-day trip to countries in West Africa where the outbreak has up to now occurred. Liu, who met with Ebola patients & doctors, said the outbreak felt like'wartime'
"The main thing I come back to is that it is deteriorating faster, moving faster than we can respond to. To put it in context with my time with DWB, I really feel that it is like wartime, in terms of fear and nobody knowing what is going on. We need a response in terms of international organizations and states, and it needs to happen now if we want to contain this epidemic. Over the next six months we should get the upper hand on the epidemic, this is my gut feeling. We need people with a hands-on operational mindset to combat the outbreak." she said

Thursday, April 24, 2014

‘Nigeria has 1,400 illegal borders’

Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, David Parradang, on Wednesday said there were over 1,400 illegal routes into Nigeria with only 84 approved border control posts.
He made the shocking revelation when he appeared before the Committee on Immigration and Related Matters of the ongoing National Conference in Abuja.
“Whereas we have 84 approved border control posts across 4,000 sq. km., there are well over 1,400 illegal routes which are not manned. This has great security implications for the country,” he said.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

NATO starts large-scale maneuvers near Russia's European borders

Large-scale maneuvers of NATO's rapid deployment forces have started near Russia's European borders.

These maneuvers, dubbed Steadfast Jazz, are NATO's largest ones within the last decade.
The maneuvers are taking place in the Baltic countries and Poland. Taking part are, in total, more than 6,000 troops, about 350 armed vehicles, 57 planes and helicopters, 11 overwater ships and 2 submarines.
Besides the alliance's forces, taking part are NATO's partners – Ukraine, Macedonia, Sweden and Finland.
scenario of this war game has an evident anti-Russian “flavor”. According to this scenario, NATO is repelling an attack of a certain state against the Baltic countries. It is not said what country is the aggressor, but the only neighbors of the Baltic states that are not taking part in the maneuvers are Russia and Belarus.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

IG orders aerial patrol of Abuja, borders, others

Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, has put all police formations in the country on the alert in readiness for a peaceful celebration of the Democracy Day anniversary in the country.
A statement on Tuesday by the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, Mr. Frank Mba, stated that Abubakar had issued a directive to all Zonal Assistant Inspector Generals and the Commissioners of Police to ensure full deployment of their men and resources in line with the objective to have a hitch-free Democracy Day anniversary celebration.
The IGP was also quoted as having directed the AIG in charge of the Air-Wing to ensure aerial patrol of the Federal Capital Territory and other states of the federation.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Post Of The Day: Borders Were made to divide us, not to "protect" us.

It's really a shame when the leaders are in a power position to unite Africa and do whats best for African people but still sell out.
Imperialist is the enemy of the Africa Nations: robbing it, exploiting it,and oppressing it. imposed corrupt leaders on it.
Africans must denounces the house-slaves, sold-out leaders the agents of imperialist or they will continue to remain passive&lacking direction.
Locals elites destroy Africa by putting their greedy desires ahead of the people's well being.
Africa nations are enslaved by local elites who are nothing more than agents of imperialist interest,African must fight for a new liberation.
Political&cultural traitors house slaves are the enemies of Africans struggle to liberate itself from 500-years of colonial/slavery brutality.

Africa must nationalize of all resources to serve the people, so that children do not have to starve as foreign corporations thrive.
Pan Africa' leaders and the African Union MUST NOT BE AFRAID to unite as one nation and declare themselves a United States of Africa

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Porous Borders: Minister Identifies 1,487 Illegal Routes Into Nigeria

About 1,487 illegal routes into Nigeria and 84 regular borders have been discovered by the Nigeria Immigration Service, the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro has said.
Moro who was responding to  a  question on  the  porous nature of the nation’s borders against the backdrop of  the current security challenges facing the country  as well as the current  insurgencies across the nation’s borders said, “since I assumed office we have taken deliberate steps in conjunction with National Boundaries Commission, to identify our borders and the routes that leads to Nigeria from other countries.


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