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Saturday, November 2, 2013

10-Year Boy Leaps To Demise After His Teacher Apparently told Him To Jump

His parents

A 10-year-old Chinese boy jumped 30 floors to his death after failing to write a self-criticism letter demanded by his teacher. The fifth-grade primary school student had been ordered to write a 1,000-character apology by his teacher for talking in class but refused.

The educator allegedly told him to jump out of a building after he failed to accomplish the task, a written report quoted relatives and the neighbour as saying.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Computer Wiz hacks police tracking bracelet, kills woman and rapes 10-year-old girl

An upstate sicko cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet before carrying out a savage crime — stabbing a school librarian to death and raping a 10-year-old girl, cops said.
Investigators were probing Saturday how 29-year-old David Renz, who was previously charged with possessing child pornography, managed to disable his monitoring device.
Renz, a computer whiz, has already faced jailhouse justice in the wake of his sickening crime — suffering a broken nose in a prison fight.
He was beaten inside a holding cell at the Onondaga County Justice Center on Friday — a day after the attack.
Cops say Renz abducted 47-year-old Lori Bresnahan and the girl as they left a gymnastics class at a mall outside Syracuse late Thursday.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

WORRISONE: 10-year-old girl charged with murder of 3-month-old baby

A 10-year-old girl from Fairfield Maine, was charged with manslaughter for the death of a 3-month-old baby named Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway.

Nicole Greenaway asked her co worker Amanda Huard of 330 Center Road in Fairfield to babysit her three-month-old daughter, Brooklyn, for the night. Her co-worker gladly agreed. The two women work at Elmwood Primary Care in Waterville. But things took a tragic turn when Huard allowed her 10-year-old daughter to be in charge of baby Brooklyn.

Ashley Tenney, 20, who lives in the family’s basement, told what she saw that tragic night.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catholic Priest, Teacher Face Trial For Raping 10-Year-Old Alter Boy

Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a Roman Catholic priest and a former Catholic school teacher charged with sexually assaulting a former altar boy.
Four jurors were chosen on the first day of jury selection in the case against the Rev. Charles Engelhardt and Bernard Shero. The case had been spun off from last year's high-profile trial of a church official charged with helping the Philadelphia Archdiocese cover up abuse complaints. Engelhardt, 65, and Shero, 49, have pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting the boy in the late 1990s.


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