Thursday, May 15, 2014

'Bring back your drones': Michelle Obama's viral photo used to slam drone war (See Way Forward by a Political Scientist)

"Bring back your girls" message was quickly turned into "Bring back your drones", as soon as Michelle Obama’s picture in support of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls went viral.

Michelle Obama appeared in the internet picture last week, carrying a sign unambiguously captioned "#Bring Back Our Girls." The hashtag was fast enough to travel all through the network, sparking debate among internet users of most pressing issues in today’s America and beyond. Michelle Obama’s firm stand with regard to the Boko Haram atrocities, though, was duly praised.
Shifting the debate from Nigeria to their own lives and Obama’s notorious wrongdoings, the campaigners posed in pictures either themselves, holding up respective signs in their hands, or photoshopped US First Lady’s image to make it suit their message.
They predominantly spoke out against pervasive drone campaigns that US authorities increasingly employ, as they say, to attack militants, but in essence fight common civilians with.
There are proofs that strikes have brought unthinkable devastation to civilians and their families, most infamously, in Yemen and Pakistan, having sparked anti-American sentiment worldwide.
It is ultimately about control of strategic areas, experts conclude. Just for instance, Yemen’s access to major waterways — the Red Sea, Gulf of Eden and the Arabian Sea — and its close proximity to Africa and Somalia in particular, all point to the importance of Yemen in US and the west’s strategic geopolitical interests.
The full-scale drone campaign has infrequently been dubbed ‘drone war,’ sparking a massive debate in the global community. An estimated 286 to 890 civilians have been killed, including 168 to 197 children, though the CIA and other American agencies have claimed a high rate of militant killings, relying in part on a well disputed estimation method that "counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants ... unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent". Amnesty International meanwhile found that a number of victims were unarmed and that some strikes could amount to war crimes.
The Britain-based non-profit Bureau of Investigative Journalism went still further claiming at least 2,400 people in the Middle East have been killed by drones as Obama took over Bush.

A political scientist explains the way forward he said;

"The way forward is to hijack #BringbackOurGirls. (They did this same thing in Ukraine, all the celebrities was doing the same thing that  removed a democratic elected president of Ukraine to instal a neo-nazi government- EU/US puppet even when they get caught via telephone conversation leak they continued. Nuland was nabbed on the phone saying fuck the E.U. it was #EuroMaidan)"

"Time to use #BringbackOurGirls medium to explain to the world what is going on.. And start a fresh protest to institutes constitutional reforms, resource control not only that but also at Language level."
"Any region or local gov. area that has up to 50,000 ppl should be able to use/or vote at local gov area to use that Language as official language in that local gov area and also English as second language. This will give raise to a lot of Jobs in translation or notary while at the federal level English and local government language will be welcomed"
"This will preserve all our languages.""The central will have supreme power over military, navy,air-force and all the brigades except Police and traffic police."

"This is the way forward and if GEJ can't do that let him vacate the post. Lets take our future into our hands."

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