Monday, January 13, 2014

Just how to Get Rid of Genital Odor - Part 8 of 8 [My Daily Vaginal Cleansing Routine]

Woman Taking Bubble Bath, Holding Soap Bar
When I amm in the bath or taking shower, I wash my vaginal and anal area with plain fairly warm water first. I wash the entrance of my vaginal area thoroughly with plain water [without sticking my finger inside] and then I wash the region nicely with my favorite mild dove bath cream or Palmolive bath cream and sometimes the soap versions. Whatever I actually do, I constantly make sure not to allow soap enter my vagina and wash it with plain water about 5 seconds after applying the mild soap. When washing the anal area, that you don't need to be concerned about the soap much; you can  just apply it and cleanse it well [not inside of course]. This cleansing process instantly makes my vaginal and anal area feel fresh and clean.

Once I'm out from the bath, I pat dry my body with a towel but never use any towel or fabric material to dry my down areas. I usually use tissues to dry my vaginal and anal parts because Personally i think that they`re much cleaner and gentle than utilizing a towel or some other cloth materials. Unless you`re utilizing a new towel everytime to dry the region, I don't think it's a good idea to utilize it otherwise.

After I dry my private part with tissues [any plain tissues], I lie on my back with legs spread wide and fan the region with a card [birthday card etc] for couple of minutes and when I understand it's completely dry, I apply a small drop of my stick deodorant just underneath my belly button and a tiny bit on my inner thighs before wearing my underwear.

When I am not wearing pure cotton underwear, I always remember to stick on a panty liner before putting it on. Panty liners prevent underwear from getting dirty and protect the fabric from rubbing against my vaginal area. This is only when I'm going out or wearing legged bottoms at home, otherwise I avoid wearing underwear at home because I normally wear long gowns when I'm at home. This enables my vaginal area to breathe and stay healthy. I personally use to feel awkward not wearing underwear at home but hey, health matters more plus it makes me feel super comfortable and no one will know whether you`re wearing one or not unless you tell them.

Each day, whenever I go to the toilet to urinate or have a dump [oops], I usually wipe it clean with tissues and then wash it with heated water and mild soap and repeat the procedure above. It looks like a long thing but trust me, once you get used to it, you'll realize just how much its contributed to all your private part issues. Never ever wear your underwear as whenever your vaginal area is wet. Always dry It fully before wearing underwear because it prevents unwanted moisture from storing up which opens door for candidiasis/ yeast infection and so on.
I apply some of this below my belly button and some on my inner thighs after shower. . .

I have mentioned this above on my daily vaginal routine summary. I apply a little bit of this stick deodorant below my belly button and on my inner thighs, merely to smell fresher. I find stick deodorants the best and resilient, this is completely optional. If you want to use it you can, otherwise you don't have to. You need to use any stick deodorants as long as they're suited to sensitive skin. I love  the Pomegranate flavour better, it must be the best smelling one out there.  

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