Monday, January 13, 2014

I’m a beautiful lady and I know it– Nollywood actress Crystal Okoye

Do you get sexually harassed by men in the movie industry?
It’s a choice you have to make. If you decide you want to sleep around with men in the industry, it may favour you or turn the other way round. Everyone has his or her own choice to make in the industry. I’ve heard about sexual harassment in the industry. There are also stories about ladies who really go out to made love with producers just to appear in their movies. My belief is that if God does not want you to be in a movie, you won’t. But if you are fated to be in any movie, you will surely get it. So, I believe that becoming a star is about destiny. If God says that is your destiny, then, it will be.

How do you manage advances from men?
All my life, I get several men who admire me. I’m a beautiful lady and I know it; so, it depends on the way it comes.

What part of your body do you treasure most?
I treasure and protect my whole body. I spend lot of money to maintain my skin, just to keep me sparkling.
What’s your unique selling point?
I know I’m blessed with my shape. Some girls have walked up to me to ask how I gained the figure. They say: “I want to be curvy like you”. And my simple answer is: it is the way that God created me. It’s natural. People admire me for my height, looks and figure. When you talk of Crystal Okoye in the movie industry now, people always describe me as being beautiful and curvy. I know my figure, height and beauty opens the doors for me easily. There’s no way people will walk past me without noticing my waist. It’s a gift from God.
What attracts you most to men?
I go close to people that are intelligent and people that I can learn something from

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