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Monday, January 13, 2014

Just how to Get Rid of Genital Odor - Part 8 of 8 [My Daily Vaginal Cleansing Routine]

Woman Taking Bubble Bath, Holding Soap Bar
When I amm in the bath or taking shower, I wash my vaginal and anal area with plain fairly warm water first. I wash the entrance of my vaginal area thoroughly with plain water [without sticking my finger inside] and then I wash the region nicely with my favorite mild dove bath cream or Palmolive bath cream and sometimes the soap versions. Whatever I actually do, I constantly make sure not to allow soap enter my vagina and wash it with plain water about 5 seconds after applying the mild soap. When washing the anal area, that you don't need to be concerned about the soap much; you can  just apply it and cleanse it well [not inside of course]. This cleansing process instantly makes my vaginal and anal area feel fresh and clean.

Just how to Get Rid of Genital Odor - Part 2 of 8 [LONG PUBIC HAIR]

Calvin Klein Women’s
Bottom Up Bikini Panty

I understand shaving pubic hair is its not all woman's cup of tea but if you're suffering from vaginal odor or some other forms of vaginal infections, eliminating those unwanted hairs will definitely help. If you can't cope with shaving it at all, trim it at the least and keep consitently the pubic hair as short and barely visible as possible.
Having too much pubic hair causes dirt and moisture to store up in skin layers around your vagina which will then invite harmful fungi/bacteria to develop and cause infections. This is another reason you maybe experiencing the bad odor in your vagina.
Pubic hair during menstruation will make the smell even worse because period already has its smell and having thick/long pubic hairs will contribute more by storing the dirt/moisture for long. Have a read through some of the very most useful shaving guides below to learn how to shave pubic hair the right way.

Just how to Get Rid of Genital Odor - Part 1 of 8 [POOR HYGIENE]

Before we check out the factors causing vaginal odor, you ladies need to know one important thing. Every woman's vagina is different and type of smells different too, in a wholesome way. But the issue starts when/if your vagina smells like it has got a dead fish rotting inside. Yeah..not a nice thing to cope with at all and it can fully consume a woman's self-esteem. This also doesn't mean that you should fall prey for the “smell like strawberry/cake/ice cream” vagina talks and advertisements whatsoever. It shouldn't smell of neither fish nor strawberries, it should be normal and have no smell at all really. 


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