Saturday, December 28, 2013

Terrible: Woman Throws Newborn Baby Out Of Window On Christmas Eve

A Spanish woman has been accused of throwing her newborn baby boy out of a window after secretly having a baby on Christmas Eve. According to the authorities, a 35-year-old mother delivered the infant herself before cutting the umbilical cord. Then she wrapped the newly-born into a set of jeans and threw it out from the kitchen window right into a courtyard. 

The baby reportedly survived the fall. Still, he was discovered struggling with hypothermia, his heart had stopped beating and he wasn't breathing. The unfortunate baby was rushed to a healthcare facility after being revived by emergency crews. The girl was arrested on suspicion of trying to kill her own baby. It has been gathered, that the girl had kept the baby's birth secret from her parents, who she lived with in Madrid.The baby was spotted  after  its grandmother found it in the patio after looking out from the window.

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