Saturday, December 28, 2013

Air Passenger Rights Bill on the floor of the House, set to pass.

The Air Passenger Rights Bill as we speak is on the floor of the House and it's passed second reading. If things go in accordance with plan, then many Nigerians who constantly travel by air will quickly have a sigh of relief. All of the agonizing stories of baggage loss or damage without proper compensation,flight cancellation without prior notice, frequent delays, over booking etc every one of these will quickly arrive at an end.
We realize that the airlines and the aviation ministry have turned a blind eye to these complaints over the years. Now the conversation is around social media marketing, as much aggrieved air passengers have lent their voices to the #AirPassengersRights campaign. Continue after the break...

Let's fight for the rights; Travelling by air in Nigeria has changed into a nightmare. The airlines don't value customer support, it's been business as usual.
The proponent with this bill, Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu is likely to be live on ‘Rubbin Minds'show on Channels TV tomorrow afternoon, Sunday December 29, 2013. So when you have complaints, questions being an air traveller or might be even an aggrieved air traveller, then join the conversation on twitter utilising the #AirPassengersRights or follow and tweet at @Dayobush.
Don't forget to view ‘Rubbin Minds'show on Channels TV tomorrow afternoon, Sunday December 29, 2013. 

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