Thursday, September 26, 2013

Governor Babangida Aliyu Incites Army General Against President Jonathan in Coup Baiting

The real motives of the action of the 7 rebel PDP governors in factionalizing the People's Democratic Party, PDP is coming to light as the  Niger state governor, Dr. Babangida Aliyu yesterday reported the president to  the commander of Nigeria Army Corps Artillery, Kontagora Major General  Hussaini Salihu for not keeping to an alleged 'secret' pact to do one term.

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Major General Salihu had paid Aliyu a courtesy visit at Government House, Minna yesterday. at the event, the governor said, “there is a signal that some external forces are fully behind the crisis in the PDP especially as it concerns the deadlocked reconciliation moves.

“What is happening in PDP is an internal affair but I am beginning to see a sign that some people don’t want the reconciliation to be successful because the type of articles you see in the newspapersare like some people are out there trying to ensure that there is no reconciliation,” he observed.

He described the disagreement in the PDP as a“Struggle for democracy and morality” which according to him is “keeping the promised made either in secret or public”.

Dr Aliyu said, “the struggle we are witnessing is that of Democracy and morality. Morality meaning that if you make an agreement whether in private or public, we must learn to keep such promise which include promise that if you do this I will do that. We must therefore not allow those people outside the party to get enmeshed in the problem that is not their own and in the process they are really pulling down what we are trying to build”.

Dr. Aliyu who also spoke on internal security insisted that rather than scrap the National Youth Service Scheme, it should be extended to one and a half years of which the first six months should be for military training for all participants.

According to him, “any disciplined person will create a disciplined environment and a disciplined environment will give you a disciplined people  and disciplined nation and that is what we need in our country.”

The Artillery commander, Gen. Salihu said he was in Minna to inspect Army formations within the state and to assess the security challenges facing the country for now and how to tackle them for peace to reign in the entire country.



  1. So what? We will all b losers. D so-called G7 governors will finish their 2nd term in 2015 and really dont care about democracy or morality. Morality is when all d Presidents or heads of state of northern extraction together ran ds country for 38 years. A yoruba man did his full 8years. A South -South Ijaw man is told by d oga majority tribes dt he can only run for 4 years. Thank democracy/ morality.

    1. Was the South-south man igrorant of the history U r quating as your ground fr expressing Ur ignorance, wen he made the promise to run fr a single term?

    2. Were you there? Initialy they said he signed an agreement, they couldn't provide proof, now they are saying it was a promise made in secret.

  2. Dr Aliyu,s unabated presidential ambition will consume him.It is unconstitutional to select or reject a president based on illegal agreement crafted by regional irredentists.It is treasonable felony for Aliyu to lobby the General.The General should be retired immediately



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