"Obama is moving unavoidably towards a war in Syria, the way George W. Bush was moving towards the war in Iraq.
A war in Syria, like the war in Iraq would be illegitimate, and Obama will become Bush's clone," he wrote in his Twitter blog on Sunday.
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The Pentagon chief, Chuck Hagel, earlier announced readiness to implement a military scenario in Syria if President Barack Obama issues the order.
Tensions ran high in Syria after the Syrian opposition claimed on Wednesday that the government troops had used chemical weapons near Damascus.
At least 1,300 people were killed in the attack, the opposition claimed. The Syrian military denied the allegations.
Russia and Germany: Foreign Ministers discuss Syrian conflict
A telephone conversation between Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his German counterpart Guido Westerwelle has taken place earlier today, initiated by the German side.
The Ministers exchanged opinions on several issues equally important to both sides, paying particular attention to the Syrian conflict.
Yesterday, in another telephone conversation, Sergei Lavrov discussed the situation in Syria with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, Italy’s Foreign Minister Emma Bonino and France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
The conflict was also discussed in another conversation with the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, and US State Secretary John Kerry.
Lavrov discusses Syria with Hague, Bonino, Fabius
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed the situation in Syria with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino, and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in telephone conversations.
Lavrov and Hague "exchanged opinions on relevant international issues of mutual interest. Special significance was attached to the situation in Syria," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
Lavrov and Bonino "discussed issues related to the situation in Syria," the ministry said.
In a conversation between Lavrov and Fabius, "primary attention was devoted to the situation in Syria. A number of issues of bilateral nature were also discussed."
Syrian opposition must guarantee safe access for UN mission to suspected chemical attack site - Russia
The Syrian opposition ought to allow the visiting UN inspectors to safely access the site of this week's alleged chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
The ball is now in the court of the opposition, which should ensure the [UN] mission's safe access to the presumed site of the incident," the ministry said in a statement on Friday following a telephone conversation between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry.
Lavrov and Kerry "expressed their mutual interest in the UN expert mission currently visiting the country, as well as the need for an impartial investigation into the latest reports claiming the possible use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus," it said.
"The [Russian] minister stressed that as soon as this information appeared, the Russian side called on the government of Syria to cooperate with the UN chemical weapons experts," the ministry said.
The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that it expected the Syrian opposition to take constructive steps that would allow the proposed international conference on Syria to take place as soon as possible.
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