Monday, November 3, 2014

Fidelity Private Banking Wins Financial Times “Best Private Bank Award 2014”

Fidelity Private Banking, a Division of Fidelity Bank Plc. has been recognized as the “Best Private Bank in Nigeria 2014” in the Global Private Banking Awards organized by Professional Wealth Management (PWM) and The Banker magazines, publications of the Financial Times Group, one of the world's leading business news and information organizations. This was announced at the 6th Annual Global Private Banking Awards which took place in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday, October 29th over a gala dinner.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sanctions Against Russia for Recognizing Elections in Donbas Foolish: Venetian Politician

New sanctions against Russia for recognizing the elections in the self-proclaimed people's republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in Donbas would be unprecedented and foolish, founder of the Indipendenza Veneta (Independent Veneto) movement Alessio Morosin said.  "It would be foolish of the European Union to impose new sanctions against Russia for the mere reason that it officially recognizes the elections of November 2. There has been no analogous precedent in international practice," Morosin told RIA Novosti.

Friday, October 31, 2014

This is why the Russians want to tightly regulate foreign NGOs

How is that for a "watch" of human right?

The fact is that western human rights organizations are below contempt. Some are political tools in the hands of the Empire (Human Rights Watch), some are full of western intelligence agents (Medecins Sans Frontieres, OSCE monitors), some are lead by cynical bureaucrats who use idealistic young delegates as cannon fodder (ICRC), some are used by big business as a tool (Greenpeace) while others are quasi-official CIA tools (NED, Freedom House, Open Society Foundation, etc.).

The funny thing in this case is that the photo is not taken in Russia, but in the Ukraine, and the riot cops shown here have Ukrainian unit badges.  But then, who cares anyway?  It's not like "truth" is a topic that matters to HRW...

The Saker

Is ISIS allied to or influencing African Jihadi Groups? – By Hassan M. Abukar

In August 2014, Africa’s spy chiefs met in Nairobi as part of the African Union’s Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA). They expressed deep concern about the growing threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the likelihood that the radical outfit might influence the continent’s own jihadi groups. Areas of concern for the chiefs included an “alliance being built by terror groups worldwide, sophisticated sources of funding, and [Africa’s] porous borders.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scotland Powerless to Veto UK’s Possible Secession From EU: Expert

Mark Hirst – Scotland has no right under existing constitutional law to veto a UK referendum on the country's secession from the European Union planned for 2017, Nick Barber, Associate Professor in Law at Trinity College, Oxford told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

"As a matter of existing constitutional law the position is clear; it is the UK Parliament that would decide whether we should leave the EU," Barber said.
Barber, who represents the United Kingdom Constitutional Law Association, added that Scotland's constitutional "right to leave the Union" did not extend to a right to veto other constitutional issues related to the whole of the UK.

Brazil Aims for Stronger Economic Cooperation With BRICS Partners, EU: Finance Ministry

Brazil wants to diversify its trading beyond traditional partners in Latin America, and to further cooperate with its partners from BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries and Europe, Marden Barboza, Deputy Secretary of International Issues at Brazil's Finance Ministry said Wednesday.
"Brazilian government feels that it needs to start developing other directions, including economic and trade spheres," Barboza said during the video conference Moscow-Brasilia held at the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency.
"We are currently in talks with the European Union with regards to signing free trade agreement," Barboza said.

UN Secretary General Calls to Cancel Planned Elections in Eastern Ukraine

– UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday called for the cancellation of planned elections in southeastern Ukraine, his press service said.
"The Secretary-General deplores the planned holding by armed rebel groups in eastern Ukraine of their own 'elections' on 2 November, in breach of the constitution and national law," the statement said.
"These 'elections' will seriously undermine the Minsk Protocol and Memorandum, which need to be urgently implemented in full," the statement added.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“Ebola is a Big Lie”

Note: I am submitting the following article to your attention "for your information".  While I personally do not have the knowledge to have an opinion about this topic, I think that leaving the MSM a monopoly of information on Ebloa is dangerous.  As always, your comments are invited.

The Saker

 “Ebola is a Big Lie” --- “Nana Kwame” from Ghana speaks out – and a new False Flag of horror dimensions in the making

by Peter Koenig

"Ebola is a big lie" - according to a man called “Nana Kwame” – most likely a pseudonym – living in Ghana, Ebola was brought to West Africa, to 4 countries for 4 specific reasons by - no one less than The Red Cross. This article is rocketing the internet for the last couple of days, for example in “Spirit Science and Metaphysics” - and was translated into Spanish and published by the Peruvian newspaper LaPrimera, a paper that regularly seeks to dissect the truth from the flood of lies emitted by the Peruvian MSM.

Monday, October 27, 2014

My advice to President Jonathan – Comrade Abdulbaqi

Culled from Omo Oodua Community
Jonathan has achieved a lot in his five years now. He was successfully able to privatized the power sector. The Almajiri project in Northern Nigeria. Among other things is improvement in power sector. As his name carries Good luck Jonathan, a person from a working class family in the remote part of southern Nigeria, walked his way into reaching the highest office of the land, the office of the President and Commander in Chief if the armed forces Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

What could the next Junta offensive against Novorussia look like?

By Saker

On July 1st of this year - just before an imminent Ukie attack - I made a short post entitled Novorussia - Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and settle for anything in the middle in which I was trying to prepare my readers for the possible consequences of a massive Ukrainian assault.

Разбор полетов - "after action report"

Putin's speech at the Valdai Club - full transcript

Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, friends, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the XI meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

It was mentioned already that the club has new co-organisers this year. They include Russian non-governmental organisations, expert groups and leading universities. The idea was also raised of broadening the discussions to include not just issues related to Russia itself but also global politics and the economy.

US Visa Ban Punishes Hungary for Relations With Russia: Expert

Hungarian policy toward Western sanctions against Russia is one of the reasons why the United States has cancelled visas for several Hungarian officials, the head foreign policy editor of Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet, Gabor Stier, said Wednesday.

"I am inclined to think that it is a punishment for the fact that we talk to Russia," Stier said at the Valdai International Discussion Club, referring to the recent US visa bans.
"Hungary's behavior in relation to the sanctions [against Russia] has been reserved. [Hungary] builds pragmatic relations with Russia," Stier said.

Results of Ukrainian Elections Show Hope for Western Aid Money: Former US Official

The number of elected parties into the new Ukrainian parliament possibly reflects hopes by the Ukrainian politicians to secure a part of Western aid money flowing into Ukraine, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts told RIA Novosti.

"Both Poroshkenko and Yatsenyuk are Washington's stooges, and we can conclude that the Ukrainian people have elected Washington's candidates," Roberts said on Sunday. "It seems that Ukrainians concluded that the flow of aid into Ukraine depends on electing Washington"s candidates," he added.
Roberts stressed that Ukrainian parliamentary election "was about bringing foreign money to Ukraine."

Western countries have NEVER encouraged or valued any African economic development except taking advantage of Africa.

African people and their governments must assume their responsibilities as the guarantors of Africa's development for their own circumstances by taking charge to their own economies and natural resources with the creation of sustainable solutions backed by strong African institutions and responsible African people themselves.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Washington Is Defaming Putin

On October 24 at the Valdai International Discussion Club meeting in Sochi, Russia’s President Putin correctly and justifiably denounced Washington for destabilizing the world in order to serve its own narrow and selfish interest and the interests of the private interest groups that control Washington at the expense of the rest of the world.  It is about time a world leader denounced the thuggish neocon regime in Washington. Putin described Washington’s double standards with the Roman phrase: “What is allowed for God [the US] is not allowed for cattle [the rest of the world].”

Friday, October 24, 2014

The People’s Front Party of Ukraine: Facts and Details

Ukraine's People's Front Party was founded in September 2014 by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament (the Verkhovna Rada), Oleksandr Turchynov, who both left the Batkivshchyna Party due to disagreements with its leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Arseniy Yatsenyuk heads the party's Political Council, while Oleksandr Turchynov is the head of its central headquarters.

Is the CIA Running a Defamation Campaign Against Putin? - Saker

The latest hot topic in the Russian media. Russian politicians are talking about it. Historical precedent and behavior of Western media suggests that they are.

A major topic in the Russian media is mystification with how Putin is portrayed in the Western media.

Wildly popular at home, and seen as a decent, modest, an admirable person, and Russians don't understand how there can be such a disconnect with Western impressions. 

Islamic State Militants Gassed Iraqi Police With Chlorine: Iraqi Officials

The Islamic State militants have used chlorine against Iraqi security forces and Shia militias in September north of Baghdad in what appears to be the first documented use of this gas by the radical Sunni group since their blitz offensive in June, Associated Press reports, citing Iraqi officials.
Chlorine gas was allegedly used in the town of Duluiyah, located 75 kilometers (45 miles) north of the Iraqi capital, on September 15. Security forces exchanged fire with Islamists, who then retreated. Soon after, Iraqis heard “a strange explosion”, a survivor of the attack recalled, according to the Washington Post. The explosion was followed by “a yellow smoke in the sky,” said Lt. Khairalla al-Jabbouri, 31, as quoted by the newspaper. “I felt suffocated,” al-Jabbouri stated, adding he “was throwing up and couldn’t breathe.”

West’s Sanctions Aimed at Russia’s Efforts to Develop Offshore Arctic Deposits

Economic sanctions imposed on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine might threaten Russia’s energy future – a serious threat many analysts say, given the country’s over reliance on oil and gas revenues.
The list of sanctions announced by the EU and US in September includes restrictions on sale, supply, transfer or export, directly or indirectly, of certain goods, services and technologies for the oil industry and prohibits the provision of services for deep water oil exploration and production, Arctic oil exploration and production or shale oil projects.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

German intelligence report on MH17

by Alexander Mercouris

It seems the German intelligence agency the BND has provided a Bundestag committee with a report that once again attributes the MH17 shoot down to the NAF.

The report has not been published but for me the single most interesting thing in it is that it apparently finally demolishes the theory that MH17 was shot down by a BUK system secretly transferred to the NAF by the Russians. We are back it seems to the theory that the NAF shot down MH17 with a BUK missile system it captured from the Ukrainians.

There are a number of points to make here:


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