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Monday, June 17, 2013

Why we oppose use of condom for family planning - Catholic Church

The Catholic church says it opposes artificial family planning techniques, because it encourages bastardisation of sexual activities by young people and “impedes normal procreation.”
The Secretary-General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ralph Madu, made this clarification in a response to an enquiry by The Punch on Sunday.
He said, “The Catholic Church believes that modern means, including the use of condoms is morally bad because it impedes normal procreation. You can meet with your wife when you do not want children and those periods when the woman is not fertile instead of having to destroy the sperm and all other forms of artificial prevention.
“They are very artificial means and they do not really give the moral lesson that borders around the use of the sexual organs.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teachers oppose local government autonomy

National Union of Teachers has opposed calls for local government autonomy.
NUT National President, Michael Alogba, who spoke in Abuja at a reception for officials of Zambia National Union of Teachers, also blamed the government for the declining education standard.
He said, “The entire teachers of this country are saying no to local government autonomy. Not that we have any fear or any grudge against the policy but because of the fact that local governments had been given such responsibility in the past, they failed woefully. That is the fear Nigerian teachers are entertaining.
“We are aware that the House of Representatives is handling the matter; we pray they represent the entire Nigerians very well. We would not want a situation whereby the recorded gains in the sector will be thwarted by this uncalled for autonomy.”


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