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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#3 of 10 Fashion Mistakes That Can Spoil Your Look

3. Inappropriate Makeup

Light for day, heavier for evening, sheer for sports or other strenuous pursuits. You wear different clothes for different activities in you life; your makeup should change as well. And if you’re still doing Cleopatra eyes, it’s time to turn the page and see what’s happening THIS century in makeup styles.


#4 of 10 Fashion Mistakes That Can Spoil Your Look

4. Wearing The Wrong Color of Hose

You’ll look taller and trimmer by matching the color of your hose to your shoes and your hem. Wearing a black skirt and shoes? Opt for sheer black hose. Have a bright blue dress and taupe shoes? Go for the taupe-colored hose. What? You only wear black hose because they hide things you don’t want people to see? Well, guess what: unless your whole outfit’s black, you’re CALLING ATTENTION to your legs. If that’s not what you want, it’s time to rethink your plan.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Soyinka Advises President Jonathan On National Dialogue, says 'Justice Is Never Siddon Look'

Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka has advised President Jonathan and the ruling elite to take into consideration some of the questions being raised about the National Dialogue exercise.

He spoke at a book launch in honour of the retiring President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Isa Ayo Salami. The book a compendium of Salami’s judgments, is authored by Mrs. Funmi Quadri.

Photos: Miley Cyrus Rocks Ni**pple Pasty, Cloths as Lil' Kim For Halloween (LOOK)

20-year-old former Disney star Miley Cyrus took to Twitter & Instagram to show off her Halloween outfit which was same with Lil'Kim's daring outfit at the 1999 VMA awards show. And exactly like Kim, Miley also had just a ni(**pple pastie protecting her bared bo**ob. She tweeted an image of her raunchy costume to Lil Kim with the caption,'Happy Halloween @LilKim'and the 39-year-old rapper was so excited about that. Miley caused outrage as of this year's MTV VMAs so it's not surprising that she chose a memorable outfit from exactly the same event for Halloween.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ladies Only – Try these 5 Simple Tricks To Look Slim Instantly!

If you hate counting calories or watching your weight every second day, we realize that! That's precisely why we're here to assist you with some simple and stylish tricks to prevent looking bigger and begin to look better! Don't just be determined by the colour black, but choose your clothes wisely, follow beauty and make-up rules and love yourself always.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 qualites Guys Look For in a Girlfriend

Number 10
She’s Independent
No one wants a girlfriend they have to baby-sit.
Once in a while, like if she’s had a rough day, it’s great to be her shoulder to cry on, but if she can’t seem to function without you and is constantly after you, she will eventually make you feel like you’re suffocating, which is a surefire way to get you running out the nearest exit. On the other hand, if she has her very own personality and opinions, can stand on her own two feet, both financially and emotionally, and is able to enjoy time away from you — while still missing you, of course — then she must be a great girlfriend.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Wonder when you look best?

According to a recent study, faces change from hour to hour, with most people looking best in the morning right before they wake up. Researcher Anthony Savva says that during the night people go through the golden hours of sleep, which is when their body detoxes itself and absorbs any moisturizer that they have put on the night before if any. As the day progresses, exposure to sunlight, pollution, air conditioning, etc. affects the skin. Due to these external factors, as well as to post-lunch sugar slump our faces look most haggard between 4 and 5 pm which researches call the "ugly hour".

Monday, July 15, 2013

See Rita Domnic and Ramsey Noah Dancing During Her Birthday [Photo]


Monday, July 1, 2013

SEE How This Man Defused This Bomb On A Suicide Bomber [LOOK]

A member of the Afghan bomb disposal unit approaches a suicide attacker after his vest was defused in Jalalabad province on Sunday.

 Not this time.
An Afghan bomb technician played peacemaker Sunday, donning a heavily armored suit to diffuse a would-be suicide bomber's vest. The risky maneuver, gone Hollywood in the Oscar-winning drama "The Hurt Locker," required a deft touch — and a willingness to go face-to-face with powerful explosives.
Sunday's bomber in Jalalabad attempted to detonate his device before being apprehended and hog-tied. Then, the Afghan soldier, clad in a padded suit topped with a large helmet, approached the subdued terrorist and disabled the device. A photo after the all-clear was given shows the would-be bomber, clad in brown pants and shirt, lying on the ground next to a rifle and three grenades. A red wire is shown threaded through the vest, its three pouches filled with explosives.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

SAD: Fire kills 25 at Wedding Ceremony, 30 Burnt (LOOK)

A large fire broke at during a wedding, killing and injuring dozens, according to fire officials.  At least 25 people have died and 30 others were injured in a fire at a wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia, officials said.  Hundreds were inside the courtyard of a house in the village of Ain Badr, in the region of Abqaiq, when the fire began.

A high voltage power line reportedly fell and sent sparks flying after it was hit by celebratory gunfire. The power line is also believed to have touched a metal door on the way out from the courtyard, electrocuting several victims.

Most of the dead and injured were reported to have been women. The local newspaper quoted Civil Defense chief Gen Khsheiman Abdullah as saying that the women only section caught fire.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful Woman Post Daily Photos of her face as husbands Beats Her up (Must Look)

A worn-out meme got revitalized as a harrowingly poignant public service announcement.
A young woman snapped a picture of herself daily for one year capturing a distressing decline from palpable confidence and beauty to heartbreaking apprehension and open wounds.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Man spends 11 Million Naira to look like Britney Spears

Plastic surgery today can make you look like whoever you like, man or woman.  A young man was a great fan of Britney Spears and went under the knife to prove it. Kara Nicole Hays spent approximately $70,000 to get the look of Britney Spears the news media reported.

The 26-year-old believes that the surgery cost about $30,000, the remainder went to therapy, hormones, clothing, cosmetics and everything else he needed to make the transition.  Hays said that his face is all natural and any resemblance to Spears is a lucky coincidence. "I never had facial reconstruction to look like a celebrity," he said.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WizKid & Tinie Tempah Spotted At A London Club Do You Like The New Look?

Wizkid and Tinnie Tempah was spotted at Cokobar London and clearly the ladies were tripping. Wizkid looks all grown up whereas Tinie Look? hmmm
Looks like he has just been released from jail. Ladies what do you think? Flashy or Trashy?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Face Of US primary school mass murderer, 20 year old Adam Lanza (Photo)

He was dark and disturbed, a deeply troubled boy from a wealthy family who unnerved his neighbors and classmates. Mass murderer Adam Lanza, 20, was a ticking time bomb, people who knew him told the Daily News. “This was a deeply disturbed kid,” a family insider told the Daily News. “He certainly had major issues. He was subject to outbursts from what I recall.”

Monday, December 3, 2012

VIDEO: First Look At “Omotola: The Real Me” Reality TV Show (WATCH OMOSEXY)

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde‘s reality show “Omotola: The Real Me” will debut at 17:30pm WAT, on AfricaMagic Entertainment (DSTV 151), on December 6.
The series will run for 13 weeks, and a new episode will be premiered every Thursday, following the debut of the series. The series was shot in Lagos, London, Ghana, Miami, and Kingston. It will give viewers an exclusive look into the personal life of the Nollywood superstar.
AfricaMagic gives us a minute sneak peek into what to expect from the glamorous superstar.


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