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Sunday, June 30, 2013

''I Have Had $-éx With 5 Different Men Since I Got Married 3 Years Ago, My Husband Has No Idea''

I know my story will lead people to attack me but I will appreciate any help I can get.

I got married to my loving husband in April 2010. Although at first, I was not really in love with him, but because I was growing older, and I could not find worthwhile man from my religion and tribe, my parents introduced me to him and pressured us into marriage.

Initially I had an affair, it absolutely was a mistake. I ran into my ex and we exchanged Blackberry pins. We chat all the time and at that time, I was not really happy in my marriage so I encouraged him. Right after, we started to hang out and started sleéping together. He eventually moved from Lagos to Abuja so that ended our affair.

Since that time, I experienced several flings with four more men including my friend's husband. I currently have two children with my husband but Personally i think unsatisfied.

Continue After The Break.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Female Taliban Suicide Bomber Hates The Idea Of Virgins In Heaven

Khalida Akhtar, a 20-year-old Taliban suicide bomber, decided at the last minute not to blow herself up at the main train station in the capitol of Pakistan because she remembered that she would have to deal with a bunch of virgin guys in heaven, local authorities say.
Ms. Akhtar, who was dressed in a head-to-toe burqa and strapped with explosives, was seen just hours ago running and screaming through the Islamabad Railway Station before she was apprehended by local law enforcement.


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