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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Need to Renegotiate Nigeria as a State, By Bosede Olalekan Davies ( Do you Agree ?)

By next year, this geographical entity called Nigeria would have existed for 100 years and going by reports from the Presidency, there will be a massive centenary celebrations to mark our 100 years of existence but a fundamental and germane issue needs to be addressed and it’s more desirable than rolling out the drums to celebrate.
Hundred years in the life of a nation is not a child’s play. Obviously and indisputably  a lot of things have happened. It will be of little or no use dissipating energies on discussing the inexhaustible adventures and events of this “soon to be” 100-year old nation. Rather the emphasis on the mind of any right thinking individual should be if truly the Nigerian state should still remain as one indivisible entity.


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