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Friday, March 22, 2013

8 month old baby Miracle Ibiam needs your help

Baby Miracle was born 28th of June 2012 with Hydrocephaly which is a structural defect that affects ability of the brain to clear excess fluids so the fluid accumulates therefore leading to that expansion.

Luckily, it is curable through Neurosurgery but this will cost his family N6million to have this done in India. His family can't afford it and need your help. I've spoken to his mum, (pictured above with Miracle) so this is genuine. You can call her yourself on this number - 08055575878.

To donate to Baby Miracle:
Bank: Sterling Bank - Name: Ibiam Orie Acct Number: 0011112988

Thanks guys...and yes I will make a donation, before some of you come after me naw! :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

8 month old baby died after his father falls asleep on him

The most horrific thing that could happen to a parent is falling asleep on a child and crushing it to death. Authorities say an 8-month-old baby died after being seated in a chair with his father at his home in Anderson County. Coroner Don McCown said that the father apparently fell asleep in a chair with the child on Friday night at the family home.  McCown also said that the child fell asleep while embedded between his father and the arm chair. The boy suffered a cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at a hospital after paramedics tried to revive him. McCown says the father told authorities that he was tired while working to find a new jobAuthorities say this is the death of the seventh child in Anderson County so far this year


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