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World SITREP May 13th, 2016 by Baaz

NATO acts like a country
A part of the NATO missile shield was brought online during a ceremony at
the Deveselu air base on Thursday.
Speaking at the event, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attempted to
play down the idea that the base could threaten Russia’s deterrence capacities.
“Our system cannot undermine or weaken Russia’s strategic deterrent, and we
cannot shoot down their intercontinental ballistic missiles with interceptors
neither from the site here, in Romania, or the site we are building in Poland,”
he said.

The US
Few have run for the presidency with the kind of name recognition as Hillary
Clinton. She has an established name and is also the establishment’s trusted
candidate. Though among many voters she has significant negatives. Barring
an upset she is positioned to win her party’s nomination. The question is – can
she win the hearts and minds – and votes of the American people?
CrossTalking with Don DeBar, David Swanson, and Richard Goodstein.
2.  Cuba already knows who its real friends are’ – Cuban Five (EXCLUSIVE)
A spy ring known as the Cuban Five – known for monitoring Cuban exiles in
the U.S. – has received a red-carpet welcome in Moscow… where they were met
by the Russian Foreign Minister, who stressed Russia’s role in securing their
release. But before that reception, the five had quite a story to tell..

Joshua Tartakovsky is a travelling international journalist. In recent years, he
lived in the Ukrainian-attacked Donbass, Venezuela, Cuba and Brazil. His
main interest is globalization and its discontents: the subjugation of poor
independent nations by the global financial capital, the rebirth of Nazism in
Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general with a blessing from the EU and the
US, the technology of “color revolutions” aimed at destabilizing elected
In his interview to Dmitry Babich Mr. Tartakovsky tells about the main
problem of our days: about the attempts by the US-based global elite to
subjugate the elites of the few remaining countries not yet in the orbit of US
influence – Russia, China, India, Brazil. In Mr. Tartakovsky’s view, the elites of
these countries simply don’t understand the inevitability of a conflict with the
expanding American hegemony. The only solution to that problem could be an
alliance of the countries still cherishing their sovereignty. There is no
alternative to this way for survival, since the US is prepared to use its
technology of “colored revolutions” everywhere, including the previously
friendly regimes. This technology is aimed at making the elected governments
of sovereign countries look pathetic, outdated, “unfashionable.” It uses the
marketing principles of “product placement” and discreditation of

World of Scandals
  1. War waged against Pope Francis in the heart of Vatican – whistleblower
  1. Ukraine site leaks personal info of 4K international journalists accused of ‘collaborating with terrorists’
  1. ‘Coup & farce’ Brazil’s Rousseff promises to fight impeachment with all legal means
  1. Flight delayed after passenger becomes suspicious of equation
The image for the article shows part of the vector wave equations for electromagnetic radiation. It cannot be solved (in a non-trivial sense) without knowledge of the associated boundary conditions.
An Italian economist says his flight was delayed after a fellow passenger saw him working on a differential equation and alerted the cabin crew.
Guido Menzio was taken off and questioned by agents who did not identify themselves, after the woman next to him said she felt ill.
He showed them what he had been writing and the flight eventually took off – more than two hours late.
Mr Menzio told the Washington Post that the pilot seemed embarrassed.
He wrote on Facebook that the experience was “unbelievable” and made him laugh.
The University of Pennsylvania associate professor boarded the Philadelphia-Syracuse flight on Thursday on his way to Ontario, where he was due to give a lecture.
Before the flight took off, the woman sitting next to him passed a note to a member of the cabin crew.
She initially told them she was feeling unwell but then voiced her suspicions about Mr Menzio’s scribblings.
He wrote: “It’s a bit funny. It’s a bit worrisome.
“The lady just looked at me, looked at my writing of mysterious formulae, and concluded I was up to no good.
“Because of that an entire flight was delayed.”
He told Associated Press that the crew should have run additional checks before delaying take-off.
He said: “Not seeking additional information after reports of ‘suspicious activity’ is going to create a lot of problems, especially as xenophobic attitudes may be emerging.”
American Airlines, whose regional partner Air Wisconsin was operating the flight in question, said the crew followed protocol to take care of an ill passenger and then to investigate her allegations. It was established that they were not credible.
The woman was re-booked on a later flight.
A previous similar incident described here:  Weapons of Math Instruction

The Middle East
  1. Eyewitness Accounts from Recent Defectors from Islamic State: Why They Joined, What They Saw, Why They Quit, by Anne Speckhard and Ahmet S. Yayla
2. It is U.S. policy to fight Iran, Islam: Ayatollah Khamenei
  1. Assad: Syria wants final victory against terrorists
  2. The Debate – Deepening Division (5.5.2016) “I feel no reproach, anger or resentment against anyone. No-one heard, or will ever hear, a single word from my mouth, from my tongue or my mind against our president.” Those may be the words of Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu, but President Erdogan pushing him aside is evidence of deepening division that exist between them. Speculation abounds as to which policies became the nail in Davutoglu’s coffin. Could it be Turkey’s policy of “zero problems with neighbors” morphing into the opposite? Could it be the EU-Turkey refugee deal? Or the growing powers of president vis-à-vis those of the prime minister that have been curtailed. The list is endless, but one thing is certain: This “palace coup” as dubbed by an opposition leader, will strengthen Erdogan’s hand. That & more in this debate.
  1. OSCE Mission Exposed: Hiding the Truth From War in Donbass (Full Documentary) Part of channel(s): Ukraine (current event) The OSCE claims to be a neutral observer of the conflict in Donbass and its staff should report first hand on daily events. But is this really true? Are the OSCE reports reliable, accurate and objective, as those should be
  2. United Against the Ukrainian Nazis: Over 3,000 Ethnic Russian Civilians Attend Odessa Memorial Event in Donetsk City Part of channel(s): Ukraine (current event) The people of East Ukraine who have been relentlessly bombed by the Kiev regimes Right Sector Nazi battalions for the past year are united in spirit against the western proxy fascist that came to power in the 2014 US backed coup in Kiev. Published on May 4, 2016More than three thousand residents of Donetsk and Odessa arrived at a memorial service in the centre of the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic, to honour those who died in the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014.
  3. Graham in Crimea (#8) Crimean Residents – Ukraine or Russia?

May 13, 2016 Nina Kouprianova
5.  Lions have been released in the Safari Park in Crimea Russia
The Safari Park Taigan is situated in Crimea‘s very picturesque area, 50 kilometers away from Simferopol. It is the first park of lions in Europe. It is home to more than 50 lions and many other animals.

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