Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You are A Large Waste To Womanhood—Upset Supporters Tell Rukky Sanda

The African culture has always been hard on indecent dressing, though the Western culture accepts it as a way of life. To say dressing to expose some parts of the body is alien to the African culture is stating the obvious truth.

This may explain why some fans are angry at controversial Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda and have termed her a shame to womanhood. This is coming after the screen diva attended a recent event, where she exposed her b**bs.
In the olden days, females dress to cover almost all parts of their body, including the legs, but today, covering the laps is seen as not being in vogue. Back then, before the African culture got adulterated, seeing the bra strap of a lady was like an abomination, but nowadays, only a lady’s n1ppl3s is still held very sacred save for transparent outfits.

For Rukky Sanda, it is not wrong to expose one’s b**bs as she did this, when she attended the birthday party of Lagos big girl, Adenike Mustapha last week. The actress-turned-movie producer was at the occasion with two of her colleagues, Ebube Nwagbo and Oge Okoye.

However, after the picture of the party hit the internet, she received massive lashing from fans, who were obviously not happy at her supposedly shameful behaviours. Some of them were not merciful in describing her in unprintable names. They wondered why a public figure would dress the way she did to an event.

‘Rukky Sanda should be ashamed of herself,’ one of the fans told Nigeriafilms.com. Another told us that, ‘that is why actresses are seen as women of easy virtue, they behave just like them.’ One of the vividly angry fans said ‘she is just a big disgrace to womanhood, she should be taught a good lesson.’

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  1. I guess she may learn a thing or two from all the bashing she received. We refuse to be over-civilised. It's not our culture and we must continue to speak against it.



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