Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Nigerian Student Nabbed during a Contract Marriage in the UK

28year old Nigerian student Louis Esene and his 22 year old 'bride'were nabbed during their bogus wedding once the registrar noticed they certainly were uncomfortable with each other.
An untrue bride was caught out because she'flinched'when her phoney husband-to-be touched her knee in a register office. Emilia Ginova, 22, was jailed today for posing as a blushing bride ready to walk up the aisle with her groom.
But a court heard Ginova had only first seen Nigerian student Louis Esene on the afternoon of the service - and was being paid £3,000 to take part in the sham marriage. She was caught out by an eagle-eyed registrar who spotted her shocked reaction when Esene, 28, reached out to touch her leg.
Registration officer Donna Davies said:'The groom tried to the touch the bride's knee but she looked very uncomfortable. She flinched and there clearly was no interaction at all. I knew it was a scam.'
The marriage was stopped - and the pair were both arrested at the register office in Pontypridd, South Wales.
It had been later revealed that Esene wanted to spend some time in Britain because his visa had run out. The court was told a pal recruited Ginova - who's a Slovakian-born Roma - and was four months pregnant by another man during the time of the wedding.  Esene and Ginova pleaded guilty to conspiracy to facilitate a breach of immigration law

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