Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Revealed: Governor Amaechi Hires Private Israeli Security Guards

It has been revelaed the Rivers State Governor, Romtimi Amaechi, has hired private Israeli security guards. Amaechi, who has been having a running battle with the Commissioner of Police in River State often times accusing the CP, Mbu Joseph Mbu of plotting to kill him and his political appointees although he has presented no shred of proof to back up his claims.

The River State Police Command which is not happy with the private security arrangement from the Israeli firm and is challenging their legality has said that it is providing more than enough security for Amaechi.

According to the Police Command 32 police escorts are attached to Amaechi’s convoy, 20 are attached each to his wife Dame Judith Amaechi and the Deputy Governor, Tele Ikuru. Also, the wife of the deputy governor, Mrs Ikuru moves with 12 police escorts. The SSG had five, the Chief of Staff also had five while a total of 109 policemen guard the State House front and back in alternate arrangement. In addition, the  police detachment to Amaechi and the Government House also has 18 men from the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and 18 from the Swift Operation Squad (SOS). He said three Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) are stationed at the front and back gates of the Government House. Also, 10 men of the Anti-Bomb Squad and 10 State Intelligence Bureau (SIB) were part of the government’s security arrangements, but noted that the governor rejected the SIB personnel.

The presence of the private Israeli security guards are now causing a serious concern considering the high possibility of a clash between them and the Nigerian security officials from the police and the State Security Service (SSS).


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