Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 students badly wounded in New shooting outside US school

Three students were shot outside Brashear High School in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, with police saying the victims had sustained wounds but that their injuries were not life-threatening.

The attack came just down the street from Brashear High School, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after classes had finished for the day.
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The building was placed on lockdown after one injured boy made his way back to school to get help and was spotted by a teacher.
"We don't know if there were multiple shooters at this time," police spokeswoman Diane Richard told reporters, saying the injured were not in danger. "No one is talking at this time."
The injured boys are believed to be aged 17 and 16, Richard said. One was shot in the leg and foot, one had a bullet graze his head and the third was grazed in the neck and head, she told WTAE news.
Police spokeswoman Diane Richard told reporters each of three victims were male and, while the search was proceeding through Wednesday afternoon, at least one man was arrested after a SWAT team surrounded a home near the school. Three others were reportedly taken into custody.
The shooters are thought to have emerged from a wooded area before opening fire and then fleeing the secen either by heading back into the brush or by running to a waiting vehicle.Several area networks have reported that police are scouring woods in the Beechview area of Pittsburgh for a possible gunman or gunmen.
Brashear is the largest public school in the Pittsburgh Public School District.

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