Friday, October 11, 2013

"Pilots Were Busy Arguing Before Agagu's Plane Crashed", Blackbox reveals

According to the black box for the Associated Airlines aircraft that crashed on the third of October in Lagos Nigeria and killed 15 people, there appeared to have being an argument involving the Captain and the First Officer of the Associated Airline aircraft.

PMNews reports that the readout of the black box , also called Cockpit Voice Recorder, CVR, conducted by Nigeria's Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, in its Abuja's laboratory revealed that the computer onboard the plane sent a warning message to the Captain, Yakubu Abdulrahman, shortly before take-off but he ignored it.

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Approximately four seconds after engine power was advanced to commence the take-off roll, the crew received an automated warning from the onboard computer voice which contains three chimes followed by “take-off flaps…take-off flaps.
This can be a configuration warning that shows that the flaps were not in correct position for take-off.

The First Officer then suggested to the pilot to abort take-off but Yakubu Abdulrahman proceeded and took off.

“The First Officer asked if the take-off should be aborted approximately 12 seconds following the ‘eight knots'callout,” said Captain Mukhtar Usman, Commissioner Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB.

“The crew discussed some concerns about the aircraft prior to departure but at this time we are not prepared to elaborate on those concerns as there remains a lot of work to do to complete on the CVR analysis in order to determine the specific nature of the crew’s concerns,” said AIB Commissioner, Muktar Usman.

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