Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nigerian Man In the UK With Kidney Problem Being Tortured By the UK Government

Innocent Chukwuma is a Christian and a kidney transplant patient, who will be 40 years old in 2014. 

The list of atrocious violations of his civil and human rights includes:
1. Sexual Torture - The Home Secretary has ensured that he does not have a sexual relationship since 2007 
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2. Psychological and Mental Torture - The Home Secretary has refused to inform Innocent Chukwuma of the reason behind his torture and abuse since 2007; and this has led to his constant worry about why he should be made to suffer for NOT having committed any crime. 

3. The Home Secretary has stopped him from marrying (and/or having a partner) and founding a family; thereby denying him his right under Article 12 of the European Convention on Human Rights;

4. The above means that he has been stopped from having a child/children; imagine what it would feel like to be denied the joy of having your own child;

5. He has been kept under 24/7 surveillance (at home, work, driving, everywhere) since 2007; and they defame his person by the use of gossips, innuendos, outright falsehood and unfounded allegation;

6. And this has led to his been ostracised and disliked in his community;

7. Innocent Chukwuma made a Distinction in his Masters Degree, yet the Home Secretary has blocked him from seeking and obtaining employment, by the use of harassment, intimidation etc of prospective employers;

8. He has also been hindered from running his UK company, by the use of intimidation of his prospective customers, discriminatory higher prices targeted at him and outright dishonesty of employees of the Home Secretary;

9. Interruption, interception and disturbance of his communications (posts, emails, telephone conversations, social networking and other online activities), even time-sensitive court papers are deliberately delayed;

10. He is been intimidated, harassed etc even within court premises; also judicial officers are been harassed and intimidated in cases involving him;

11. And many more...

All these are been carried out against a Christian, who has neither committed a crime nor told what he has done to deserve these inhuman treatments. And is an assault on his freedom and fundamental human rights.

Remember, these inhuman treatments has been on-going since 2007; AND TODAY IT IS INNOCENT CHUKWUMA; TOMORROW, IT MIGHT BE YOU, YOUR CHILD, FRIEND, OTHER LOVED ONES etc.

Please join in this fight against government oppression; because INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS INJUSTICE EVERYWHERE.

To sign the PETITION to stop Chukwuma's torture, Click HERE

Thank you
Innocent Chukwuma

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