Thursday, July 18, 2013

About 760 killed by heatwave in U.K

Around 760 people in England have died consequently of the existing heatwave, figures show, and the death toll is placed to rise further still.  The heatwave has been accountable for as many as 760 deaths, in accordance with official calculations, since the UK enters the sixth day of plus-30C temperatures.

Britain's first heatwave for seven years has brought meteorologists by surprise- and there's no sign of the mercury plummeting any time soon.  “Come early july the circulation is very dissimilar to days gone by 6 years with the jet stream much further north, in complete contrast to the previous couple of years, and also against expectations," said Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel.
Research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that between 540 and 760 deaths might be caused by the ongoing spell of hot weather.

With temperatures set to keep high until at the very least the finish of next week, the amount of heat-related deaths probably will double, experts said.  Seniors and the young, and those with chronic health conditions, have now been urged to take extra care.

Very hot temperatures may also cause heatstroke, which can result in brain damage and death.  The united states experienced the greatest day of the season so far yesterday, with the mercury hitting 32.2C (90F).

Temperatures are expected going to 30C (86F) again today, in accordance with weather forecasters at MeteoGroup

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