Monday, April 15, 2013

Right engine of British Airways plane stops working before take-off at Abuja Airport

We got a call this yesterday from one  Ọmọ Oódua reader inside a British Airways flight at the Abuja International Airport. They told us that the BA 8:30 flight to London was preparing to take off when the right engine of the plane just stopped working. They heard a noise and then smoke. The plane had to be towed back to the tarmac.

As at the last time we spoke with one of them, engineers were trying to fix the engine. We even heard the pilot making an announcement. They are not sure if the flight will continue or if it will be cancelled, but they are all still inside the plane at the moment. BA has been given 40 minutes to fix the engine or the flight will be cancelled...for safety reasons. Will keep you .

Update: All passengers have been asked to leave the plane
Update 2: The flight has been cancelled

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