Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What More Does Achebe Want?... I Did All I Could For The Igbos ––Obasanjo

In his usual no-nonsense posture, former President Olusegun Obasanjo has cautioned Prof Chinua Achebe and his likes to drop issues relating to the Biafra war in the trash can of history once and for all. Obasanjo a principal actor during the war, in a recent chat said Achebe keeps dragging Nigeria back with his negative views due to certain reasons. Below is how Obasanjo chronicled his efforts for the Igbos...

“May be he is making those remarks because he is not living in Nigeria. If he were living in Nigeria, [he would have known that] when I was the president of this country, an Igbo lady was my minister of finance, an Igbo man was the governor of the Central Bank. An Igbo man was one of the military service chiefs. 
"The Permanent Representative to the United Nation was also an Igbo person. What more do you want? 
“For someone to say that the civil war has not ended, 40 years after its conclusion, that person is living in the past.”

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