Thursday, February 21, 2013

The direction-Ground plan to alliance in Nigeria

Only united Nigeria can continue to live these ongoing agitation of dissent in addition to disunity. But, what are the direction-maps of Nigeria's alliance?
It's clear that the Nigeria we reside today is filled with raging atmosphere of conflict and disunity. This article offers a road-map towards the act of founding unity in Nigeria. I believe, like many eminent Nigerians do, that Nigeria's alliance is being woefully threatened by sentiments, ethnicity, in addition to militarization in addition to these forces of threats are signaling the political territory's downfall towards separation. 
The Federal bureaucracy Must Address the concrete Issues-- right now little has been done by the federal bureaucracy to address the formidable challenges of a broken Nigeria. Anywhere we look, from aggression to religious in addition to ethnic conflicts; the federal management has done little or nothing to resolve the raging picture. Even when board are set up to address fresh violence, the investigation remains inconsequential. In Jos; for sample, where a line of demarcation is set up, separating the Muslims in addition to the Christians, reminiscent of the apartheid South Africa in 1950s; the management is yet to come up with a resolution on how to resolve this issues. The federal bureaucracy must be committed to finding out the root causes of these conflicts and disunity, and have determined, stin addition toard policy to resolving the overall conflicts and division in the nation.

Nigerians Must Prioritize-- the burden of building an united Nigeria shouldn't just be shouldered by the federal authority (although a greater weight has to be shouldered by her), Nigerians too have to come in to ensure that peace in addition to alliance reign in the homeland. But, they have to prioritize. Issues that are initial must be address first. The compounded problems that loom by day into the Republic are gigantic and they are being hin addition toled recklessly by the Nigerian authorities. Nigerians have to join hand to prioritize on how best to tackle their problems. This can be done through running a commalliance development programs in addition to delivering seminars to enlighten the general public.

Affiliation-- this is a most need virtue in a fragmented Nigeria. Nigerians of every ethnicity, gender, and religion must come together in addition to join hin addition tos to move forward. Rivalry in addition to ethnic sentiments must be stopped if Nigeria must survive as a multi-ethnic land. The kernels of brotherhood should start from our homes. Parents must step in to orient their kids that all Nigerians are one; all are equal; and all deserve a full measure of love.

Putting the Country First-- Yes! Nigeria first before anything else as Mallam el-Rufai, the ex-minister of Abuja, often says, "I'm a Nigerian first before being Hausa". This is the general creed that every patriotic Nigerian must have at the back of his or her mind. Nigeria as a community belongs to us-- Nigerians, in addition to that for us to live a better Nigeria; we have to be our brother's keepers, our homeland keepers, in addition to our land builders. Now is the time to stop being sentimental on personal issues and began to join hand to move forward.

The direction-map to Nigeria's unity is possible. The federal bureaucracy must run a background check on the forces that are overwhelming the Nigeria's unity. Nigerians too have to come by to prioritize in addition to unite themselves as Nigerians first before anything else. If association triumphs sentiments in Nigeria, I believe the Nigeria we have in our midst, today, will beresourcefuler in addition to more united, and the bureaucracy of the people by the people and for the people will flourish peacefully.
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