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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Analysis: Ukrainian ceasefire Q&A/FAQ and RFC - By Saker

Written by Saker
There are so many rumors and opinions about the latest ceasefire for Novorussia agreed between the Novorussian leaders and the Junta reps that has lead to a small survey of the issues in the format of a Q&A/FAQ.    So here it goes:

Q: Do you support or oppose the latest peaceplan?

A: Neither.  First, I still have not seen the 14 points actually agreed upon and, most importantly, I don't believe that this plan will hold.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Detailed expert analysis of the MH17 downing

Just found this detailed analysis on a friend's blog and decided to share it with readers.

You can download his full report by clicking on either one of the following links:

One could be getting increasingly frustrated and angry at the fact that clearly the Dutch and the British, obviously under the orders of Uncle Sam, are sitting on the data of the flight data recorders and not releasing them.  At the very least, the following countries have the recordings of the radio contacts between MH17 and the Kiev ATC:


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