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Monday, August 4, 2014

CDC: EBOLA Capable of Airborne Transmission!! Ebola Patented By the USA

Thought it couldn’t get any worse? Think again, the good old scientists of the USA, know exactly what they are doing with this Ebola virus. They are releasing it into the public. The US patents the Ebola Virus! The location where the Ebola victim is in Georgia is exactly where they patented the Ebola Virus. It has become clear that this Ebola virus is going to be a false flag released among the population of the United States. This is the deadliest streak Ebola has been on ever, and now it has gone airborne! Please watch the video for more information.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ipaja Power Transmission Station Gutted By Fire

A power transmission station based in Ipaja, a Lagos suburb, was gutted yesterday morning by fire which raged on for hours heightening fears of likely power outage in Ikeja and its environs.
Eyewitnesses said the cause of the fire which began around 11: am was unknown. The inferno consumed a massive transmission station belonging to Transisco Power Company.  “We don’t know the cause of the fire but it started shortly before the rains began. The fire was so massive that even the fire services were unable to bring it under control,” an eyewitness said.
It was also gathered that efforts of the Lagos State Fire Service (LSFC) at taming the fire was unsuccessful forcing the team to withdraw after 30 minutes. The heavy downpour also could not stop the inferno which eventually subsided around 3pm.


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