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Sunday, August 24, 2014

VIDEO: Why I Set Books Ablaze As Kano Governor — Shekarau, Education Minister

In 2007, Ibrahim Shekarau as Governor of Kano State in Northern Nigeria publicly burned Hausa romance novels and materials he described as pornography and immoral to the customs and traditions of Northern Nigeria society. He banned actors and subjected Hausa authors to what human rights campaigners described as heavy-handed censorship board. Writers in Kano State had to go to court and Mr. Shekarau was forced to settle out of court and slow down on his censorship. His local enforcers had a field day moralising for writers, authors and those they describe as ‘immoral’. Kayode Ogundamisi met Mr. Shekarau, who is now Nigeria’s Education minister, at a London event organised by UK based BEN-TV and sought clarification from him on why as governor, he had to personally enforce and lead the burning of books publicly.
Watch the video after the break.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Senate confirms Shekarau,Abu Bulama, Adeyeye, others as ministers

The Senate today July 2nd confirmed former Kano state Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau as Minister.  Also confirmed by the senate are Abu Bulama from Yobe State, Stephen Oru from Delta State who's the Deputy Vice-Chairman South South of the PDP and Adedayo Adeyeye from Ekiti State who's the Party leader in Ekiti state.  President Jonathan had on June 4th forwarded their names to the Senate for confirmation as ministers. The brand new ministers would now be sworn-in by the president and positions assigned to them.


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