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Friday, November 23, 2012

Your First Look at Our African Beauty Queens Representing at the 2012 Miss Universe Competition

On Wednesday 19th December 2012, the 2012 edition of the Miss Universe Competition at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, USA.

The show will be hosted by Bravo’s Executive Vice President of Development and Talent, Andy Cohen  (known for producing reality shows like the Real Housewives franchise and Being Bobby Brown) alongside E! News/Fashion Police  co-anchor, Guiliana Rancic.

At the Miss Universe finale, 88 beauty queens from around the world including our very own African queens from Angola, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Mauritius, Namibia, who will be returning after a 3-year long hiatus, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania, will vie to win the coveted crown and take over as Miss Universe from Angolan beauty, Leila Lopes.

Name: Marcelina Vahekeni 
Age: 22 Hometown: 
Ondjiva Biography Born in 1990, Marcelina Vahekeni is an Angolan beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Angola 2011 and is representing her country in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant. She is a model and a student of Human Resource Management.

Ethiopia Profile 
Name: Helen Getachew 
Age: 22 Hometown: Addis Ababa
Biography Helen Getachew grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she had a very spiritual upbringing. She enjoys reading the Bible, spending time with family and friends, at the cafe and fashion malls. In addition, Helen hopes to one day be involved in working with organizations that help the poor, especially children. In her Own Words I would enjoy working for a nonprofit organization, but my dream in life is to create one myself. Fun Facts about Helen She enjoys decorating and making things beautiful Helen thinks that the biggest problem facing the world today is food shortage If Helen could meet any celebrity, it would be Liya Kebede because of her work with UNICEF.

Gabon Profile
Name: Channa Divouvi
Age: 21
Hometown: Ngounié
Channa Divouvi was raised in the modest neighborhood of Libreville. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, and shopping. Raised by a mother who is blind, her dream job is to own her own association that helps the visually impaired in her country. She would also like to start a cosmetic company that caters to women of color.

In her Own Words
My mother’s positive attitude throughout all challenges gives me a different perspective in life.

Fun Facts about Channa

She collects seashells and she likes to use them to make decorations
Channa works as an airport hostess
Channa once helped a woman deliver a baby in her car

Ghana Profile
Name: Gifty Ofori
Age: 24
Hometown: Accra
Gifty Ofori grew up in the suburbs of Accra, the capital city of Ghana, in a household where discipline, hard work, and achievement were always emphasized. Quite the tomboy, She would often be found playing outside with her siblings and friends. Her interests include gardening, nature, and travelling. Currently, Gifty works as a registered nurse and hopes to one day become a doctor.

In her Own Words
I pursue every goal and opportunity presented to me with passion.

Fun Facts about Gifty

She collects pebbles gathered from along the coast of Ghana and other West African beaches
Gifty’s dream job is to become a medical journalist on an international news network
Gifty once helped deliver a baby on the side of a road when she was a first-year nursing student

Name: Ameeksha Devi Dilchand
Age: 26
Hometown: Curepipe
Ameeksha grew up in Curepipe, Mauritius, which is situated on the central plateau of the island. During her college years, she played soccer on her college team for 6 years. She has a law degree and would like to later go on to become a politician. She is about to start concentrating on her Bar Vocational Practice to become a barrister to serve her nation. Ameeksha’s dream is to eventually work as either a Minister of Education or Minister of Sports & Leisure for her home country of Mauritius.

In her Own Words
If we start right now by giving a hand to the needy person next to us, we will be heading towards a better future both economically and socially.

Fun Facts about Ameeksha

She would love to meet the Manchester United Footballer Luis Nani
Ameeksha was not a girly girl growing up, she played soccer throughout her childhood
One of Ameeksha’s most unusual jobs was predicting horoscopes via text messages.

Name: Tsakana Nkandih
Age: 22
Hometown: Windhoek
Tsakana Nkandih hopes to one day become the first female President of Namibia, because, through this role, she would be able to battle her country’s internal socio-economic issues and strive to empower women. Her strongest passion is reading. She also enjoys volunteering with animals and gardening. Currently, she is attending The University of Namibia in order to gain a degree in Public Management.

In her Own Words
As a politician, I could be an asset to the cause of women and their rights, something that is very close to my heart.

Fun Facts about Tsakana

Her most interesting job was working at a local old age home
Tsakana’s most treasured possession is her Bible
Tsakana believes that the biggest problem facing the world today is the rapid climate change.

Name: Isabella Agbor Ojong Ayuk
Age: 26
Home Town: Cross River
Isabella was raised in Ikom Local Government Area of the Cross River State. It is a largely agricultural area. Being raised by a widowed mother, Isabella has a passion for working with widows. She would love to work to create a small scale business to help raise money for scholarships for their children, home renovations and other basic needs.

In her Own Words
I want the judges to know that determination brought me this far and that I have learned to never give up in life.

Fun Facts about Isabella

She loves to cook
Isabella admires Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian services
Isabella is currently in the National Youth Service Corp in Nigeria.

South Africa
Name: Melinda Bam
Age: 23
Home Town: Pretoria
Melinda Bam was born and raised in picturesque Pretoria, South Africa. She graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa with Honors. Melinda has a wide variety of hobbies through which she maintains a strong balance between sports and art. She aspires to one day start an internal marketing agency that would focus on corporate culture and business psychology.

In her Own Words
Defying the stigma that beauty queens are only pretty faces stimulates me.

Fun Facts about Melinda

She has designed her own swimwear collection
Melinda is a professional painter and artist in medium acrylic, oil and graphite
In 2007, Melinda co-wrote a book with her mother and sister that has been published.

Name: Winfrida Dominic
Age: 19
Hometown: Dar Es Salaam
Winfrida Dominic moved all around her country of Tanzania throughout her childhood, experiencing different cultures and tradition everywhere she went. Growing up, her schools taught many of the traditional dances of Tanzania, a country with more than 100 different ethnic groups. Winfrida is currently studying History, Geography and English, in hopes of becoming an ambassador for her country in the future and engaging in charity work.

In her Own Words
I know how often at a young age, we are told that many of our dreams are not possible, that we are not good enough or pretty enough. I want my success to our shared story.

Fun Facts about Winfrida

Her most recently acquired hobby is netball
Winifrida collects pebbles from all of the different places she travels
The person who has most influenced her life is her father
So, BellaNaijarians, who do you think will bring the crown to Africa? Let us know.


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