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Friday, December 14, 2012

Meet the World’s Most Desirable Woman of 2012,Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, the 22-year-old star of The Hunger Games , has been named the most desirable woman of the year in a new online poll that drew more than 2.4-million votes. The title is said to reflect the actress’s winning combination of sex appeal, talent, sense of humour, professional success (she’s considered an Oscar frontrunner for her recent performance in Silver Linings Playbook ) and potential for 2013, all of which were listed as voting criteria.  “Overall, there’s a sense that she’s a little more authentic than other actors,” he said. “She’s also fresh … we haven’t seen her all over the gossip pages for 3-4 years.” 

The poll also ranked Mila Kunis, Kate Upton, Rihanna and Emma Stone in the top five.  What do you think? Is Jennifer Lawrence 2012′s Most Desirable Woman? 


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