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Thursday, August 7, 2014

How brother of EastEnders actress killed & chopped her body into pieces

 On March 1st 2012, former EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie, 29, disappeared from her home. About 10 days later, it was discovered that her own older brother, Tony McCluskie (pictured with her above) killed her after an argument at the home they shared, chopped up her body, put the body parts in a suitcase and dumped her in the canal. Their older brother talks about the incident for the first time since it happened.

As Danny McCluskie watched the grainy CCTV footage his world crumbled. It showed the unthinkable, the one thing every part of him had screamed could not be possible. His brother Tony carrying a heavy suitcase containing the mutilated body parts of their beloved baby sister Gemma.
The footage proved beyond doubt that Tony had killed the former EastEnders actress in cold blood, chopped her up then disposed of her like putting out the trash.
For Danny one thing made it even more incomprehensible – Tony had put his arms around him when Gemma disappeared and assuring him they would keep looking.


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