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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doctors Use Superglue To Glue Baby's Brain

The unbelievable happened at the University of Kansas Hospital when doctors had to apply superglue to stop the bleeding  from the brain of a baby to save her life during an emergency surgery after it was discovered that Baby Ashlyn Julian was suffering from brain aneurysm.
The baby was discovered to be bleeding from two places but it was discovered her mother said she observed that baby Ashyln was not her usually self as she kept screaming and didn’t respond well to care as opposed to her quietness.
“She has an aneurysm and it’s already haemorrhaged, and that’s just frightening,” Gina recalled. Ashlyn had suffered from a stroke and bled from two places after having an aneurysm in the brain, a rare condition for babies under 28 days.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Student Finds 'Wrinkled Brain' Inside KFC Chicken (Photo)

The first certifiably gross item we've heard about this year comes courtesy of Ibrahim Langoo, a 19-year-old student who found what he described as a "wrinkled brain" inside a fried piece KFC chicken at a location in Colchester, Essex in the U.K. According to the Sun, Langoo was attempting to pull the chicken meal from the bone when he found a "horrible wrinkled body" inside:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nigerian Students Spend N80b To Study In The UK alone. How Do We resolve this capital outflow/Brain-drain

The Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, CVC, on Saturday said that Nigerians spend an average of $500 million annually as students of European and American universities.
Ike Onyechere, chairman Exam Ethics International had on November 12 said Nigerians spend N80 billion or $500m in the UK alone and N1.5 trillion globally.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Taraba Governor Danbaba Suntai Brain-Damaged, Can't Recognize Visitors

Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State, who was seriously injured when his plane crashed on October 25 in Yola, capital of Adamawa State, has suffered extensive brain damage and failed to recognize members of a presidential delegation that visited him at a hospital in Hanover, Germany.


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