Tuesday, February 11, 2020

GTBank the most useless Bank in Nigeria says victim that lost over 1m due to unlawful withdrawal by Bank

This can happen to anyone says the victim who reported the case and later sent a few documents to back the unlawful bankers order of 18.. That has no power to withdraw money from owners account according to the victim.

Bankers order was used as a way to get information about customers from Bank in an ongoing court case. It means when the accused is charged to court and there is an ongoing case, this is the only time the Bank's lawyer can ask the Judge to issue a Bankers order to get information about the accused.

In the case of GTB and the victim, GTB used Bankers order to withdraw money from the victim and returned to Wean bank where the conspiracy to steal money actually took place.

We will be posting full interview with the victim on what transpired between GTBank and the victim.

In the main time see screenshot of a conversation about BTC and how GTB was brought in but also not saint in this case.

LBC is a peer to peer website where Bitcoins is sold and can be bought. It is the abreviation for localbitcoins.Com

Here is the GTB victim's side of the short story we will be publishing full internview with the victim in the nearest future.

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