Friday, January 8, 2016

Idanre: Yoruba Mountain Climbing Festival

The sprawl of interlocked mountains that shield the town of Idanre protectively is stunning even to general guests, and amazing to novices. The Idanre mountains in themselves are a surprise, and it is said the name Idanre was a result of the wonder of Ife warriors sent to seek after a child of Oduduwa who departed suddenly towards Ile Ife with the crown taking after the passing of his dad. The warriors were astonished when the prince  vanished immediately and inexplicably on one of the slopes. (Idanre simply means "this is a wonder") .
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Wole Soyinka’s poetry Idanre and Other Poems published in 1967

Idanre was founded on the mountains as an asylum from the furious wars in Yorubaland . Oke-Idanre the first settlement sits on a level a few hundred meters over the valley floor.  The Maré (signifying 'don't fall') Festival held for the seventh year running on December sixteenth 2015. The celebration praises the dim agonizing mountains and hollows of Idanre as a period solidified tourism safe house and included an early morning marathon, raffle draw, mountain climbing competition ,conventional artists, and musical exhibitions. It is a present day celebration, and there is a call for more inclusion of the neighborhood populace in future Maré Festival

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