Friday, September 5, 2014

Erasing Nigeria From the World Map is Almost a Forgone Conclusion ?


The story we are hearing about the performance of our counterinsurgents is that of gloom and doom, and it appears erasing Nigeria from the Map of the World is a foregone conclusion. The latest is the capture of Bama , by Boko-Haram, in addition to Gwoza already declared as Islamic Caliphate by the insurgents.
For example, a resident of Bama Muhammadu Mai Tumatur said;

"The truth is that Boko-Haram fighters are in firm control of Bama" thus corroborating the statement made yesterday by Senator Ahmed Zannah representing Borno Central Senatorial District at the Nigerian Senate. Senator Zannah himself from Bama town from the look of things seems to be a double cross, and manipulator by admitting sometimes ago, that he once gave Boko-Haram a sum of N1.5million to buy sallah rams.

Senator Ahmed Saleh himself a retired General from the Nigerian Army, said "what we are seeing is complete deterioration of the situation", while the US has said that the reputation of the Nigerian military was at stake. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Marshall Alex Badeh, known for his unguarded utterances, is already browbeating by saying that Nigeria might not win the war unless we go on diplomatic begging for supply of equipment. He did not tell us what has become of trillions of Naira which the government has been voting for Defence. He also was silent on how our military equipment has found its ways into the arsenal of the enemy-combatants.

With this story of woe and wanton destruction of lives and property by the rag-tag militants in desperate effort to wipe Nigeria out of existence, what is the ranting and venting by the two main political parties -PDP and APC -in a bid for power and control at the 2015 polls, for? Which of their candidates is prepared to preside over the liquidation of Nigeria?, God forbid bad thing!

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