Saturday, October 26, 2013

Facebook Kills !!!! A 17-year-old Girl Commits Suicide Because Of Facebook Row

A 17-year-old has committed suicide after her parents restricted her utilization of her cellular phone and social networking sites like Facebook, police said on Thursday.
                       The incident occurred late on Wednesday night after 17-year-old Aishwarya S. Dahiwal had a disagreement with her parents over using Facebook on her personal computer.

In accordance with investigating officer G. H. Lemgude, Aishwarya's parents had objected many times to her using social networking sites and chatting long within the mobile phone.

"Like all parents, their intentions were only to make sure that the lady didn't go astray. They advised her to concentrate on her technical studies and steer clear of long mobile chats and social networking sites," Lemgude said.
Following the argument on Wednesday night, Aishwarya visited her room, penned a suicide note and hanged herself. In the note, Aishwarya reportedly wrote that she had been constantly prevented from using Facebook by her parents.
"Is Facebook so bad? I cannot stay in a house or apartment with such restrictions as I can't live without Facebook," her suicide note said.
An email talking about the argument and Facebook has been examined by police. The Dahiwal family, comprising jeweller Sunil Dahiwal, his wife and two sons are in a state of shock. Experts say there are typically multiple causes for a suicide, including psychiatric illnesses, that'll not need been recognised or treated.

Internet use remains low across India but keeps growing quickly, expected to achieve about 200 million online out of the 1.2 billion-strong population by the end of 2013. About three-quarters of India's students prefer Facebook over calls to communicate, in accordance with a survey released in June by Tata Consultancy Services.

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