Saturday, September 28, 2013

2015: The Real Reason Fashola Apologized to Igbos

Ọmọ Oódua Blog is beginning to suspect that Lagos State Governor, Raji Fashola, is being prepared to run in 2015 as a running mate to Buhari who is likely to get the All People's Congress, APC, Presidential ticket. This thinking is fueled by Fashola's recent apology to the Igbo nation over the deportation of alleged indigent Igbos from Lagos to Anambra state which sparked off an uproar amongst the Igbo.

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Fashola had been insistent that his actions were not wrong and had released letters and other documentary facts to support his case. He also made statements to the media which strengthened his case. Fashola was so strong in his resolved that his apology this week took everybody by surprise and threw his supporters like former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, out of balance.

But investigations by Ọmọ Oódua blog indicate that the All People's Congress had a strategy session recently and that after the strategy session some agreements were reached. It is thus a pointer to the future plans of the APC that after these sessions, Fashola, who was insistent that he would not apologize to the Igbos, suddenly had a change of heart and apologized to them.

This may only be explained by the presumption that Fashola has been ordered to apologize to the Igbos by the APC hierarchy to ensure that the party has a chance of gaining the Igbo vote in 2015 knowing that the Igbos feel alienated by the comments of General Muhamadu Buhari whose public comments have tended to be in favour of the Islamic militant sect, Boko Haram.

The APC may be banking that since Chief MKO Abiola and Alhaji Baba Gana Kingibe ran on a Muslim/Muslim ticket and won that a candidacy of Buhari and Fashola can work given the popularity of Fashola in the South and the cult following of Buhari in the Northwest.

Also,  another reason was confirmed from a political operative who met Tinubu personally before he traveled (according to him and we believe him) that the apology from Fashola was also meant to appease the Anambra electorate and persuade them to vote for the APC candidate in the upcoming Anambra gubernatorial elections, Senator Chris Ngige, knowing that the people of the state see the party as an outsider and were further alienated from it by the act of Fashola.

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