Friday, July 5, 2013

Kidney Disease Is Expensive, Avoid It...Urinate After $-éx etc - Physician

It is gradually becoming norm these days to have programmes interrupted for a few minutes, for purposes of funds’ solicitation.
Nigerians are now familiar with gaunt figures lying critically sick on the bed and plugged to dialysis machine begging for donations from government and kind-hearted members of public.
The solicited funds usually run into millions of naira to cover the cost of temporary dialysis in Nigeria and subsequent organ transplantation overseas. The latest of such is the music producer, OJB Jezreel, who says he needs about N16m to treat his kidney disease.
Physicians say when it comes to size, the kidneys are small. However, as Kidney Specialist, Dr. Mumeen Amisu opines, “The kidneys may be small, but they perform many vital functions that help maintain your overall health, including filtering waste and excess fluids from your blood.”

Kidneys can be injured when an individual has an accident that results in blood loss, physicians say.
Experts also say that acute kidney injury can result from pregnancy complications, such as seizures (eclampsia) and pre-eclampsia (characterised by high blood pressure and significant amounts of protein in the urine).
Another pregnancy complications that can lead to kidney injury is the HELLP Syndrome — a life-threatening liver disorder characterised by destruction of red blood cells (Hemolysis), Elevated Liver enzymes (indicating liver damage), and Low Platelet count. Low platelet count reduces the ability of the blood to clot whenever there’s an injury.
And if you are a marathon runner or an athlete who don’t drink enough fluids while competing in long-distance endurance events, you risk acute renal (kidney) failure that may result from a sudden breakdown of muscle tissue. “This muscle breakdown releases a chemical called myoglobin that can damage the kidneys,” George says.
 And women need to hear this: Multiple urinary tract infections can also damage the kidneys! Pregnant and menopausal women are very susceptible to UTI, physicians warn. They advise that to prevent it, women should drink lots of water every day, and urinate often instead of holding it. They are also advised to urinate right after having s*x.

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