Thursday, July 4, 2013

Eight Ways To Live A Fulfilled Life!

Here Are 8 Ways To Live A Fulfilled Life!
1. Live With Intention – A life that is not purpose – driven is a life that is not worth living. Discover yourself and make plans, then work towards achieving your set goals.

2. Listen Hard – Many people are bad listeners, they quickly want to say one thing or the other…. This is a bad habit. When others talk, listen! Don’t be in a hurry to talk, don’t be quick to judge….be slow to speak, but quick to listen.

3. Laugh – Laugh hard that even sorrow smiles at you. Frowning would only makes wrinkles appear on your face before its due time.

4. Never Regret – For a good living, do not regret your actions…the best you can do to help yourself is to learn from your mistakes and move on. Do not live in your past.

5. Continue To Learn – Learning never stops, it is a continual process. And no one is an island of knowledge as well. Do not shun the advices of others, learn from people’s experiences as well.

6. Appreciate your friends – You need people as you go through life. Keep your friends close and appreciate them. When they err, forgive them.

7. Do What You Love – The only way a man can enjoy work is to do what he loves…. If however, you can’t get what you love, you should love what you do!

8. Love others – Love is the greatest of all, therefore love so true that even hatred walks out of your life.


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