Friday, June 14, 2013

Family of Madonna Univeristy fire victim speak out

On Saturday June 8th, a room at Saint Peters boys hostel in the Okija campus of Madonna University, Anambra State, was gutted by fire, killing one student. (Read the story HERE).

The family of the dead student, Chigozie Orluwehuje, (pictured above) just sent me something to publish so people can know what's happening with the case. See it below...
On the 8th of June 2013 at about 4pm the news of the fire incident got to the hearing of the mother Mrs Norra Orluwehuje and other family members by a student who happened to be a friend of  Chigozie Orluwehuje, crying that the boy was one of the four that were engulfed in fire outbreak in the school hostel. The mother plus few of his relatives while on their way to school enquired of the news in the Elele campus and were directed to see one Father Francis who gave no listening ear to them according to a Rev. sister but asked us to enquire about anything in the information Centre in the school. The information center of the school openly told us that they knew nothing as at the time of the enquiry. They also refused to contact the Okija campus as to know the situation before embarking on the journey to Anambra state where the school is located.

On Sunday the 9th of June 2013 we went down to the school Madonna University Okija to ascertain what really happened.  The CSO who took us to the Hostel and the boy’s room told them that the victims worked out from the hostel themselves mean while they got to the hospital and saw that they were all in coma. The CSO also confessed to us that the victims including Chigozie Orluwehuje who happened to be the hostel Rep. padlocked themselves from outside their room which was not possible because their room is in the third floor of the hostel. We interviewed some of the students who said they never would like names mentioned testified that the school authorities didn’t care about the victims and there was no first aid and to make it worst when some of the students who tried after rescue to rush them to nearby clinic was told there was no keys to open up the gate as at the point of rescue.
Up till this moment the school authority have not formally or officially informed the family of CHIGOZIE ORLUWEHUJE the death student in the fire incident, what actually happened. No remorse at all.

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