Friday, March 15, 2013

HEARTLESS: Woman Commits Suicide and Takes her Baby with her as She Jumps From Building

The scratches on a 10-month-old’s face are the only sign of his terrifying eight-story plunge from a Harlem window after his mom took him on her fatal leap.
The baby boy, Keston, showed no signs of any major injuries while under observation at Harlem Hospital on Thursday. It was just a day after lawyer Cynthia Wachenheim strapped the baby to her chest and jumped from her Bradhurst Ave. apartment window, sources said.
Wachenheim, 44, landed on her back, absorbing the impact of the fatal fall. An autopsy found that she suffered a fractured skull and broken bones in her wrist and right leg.
Sources said she jumped nearly three hours after her husband, Hal Bacharach, 48, stormed out of the apartment during an argument.

Wachenheim, who worked for more than 15 years doing research for judges in the city’s court system, penned a rambling 13-page suicide note lambasting herself for being a bad wife and mother, sources said.
The despondent mother also wrote that she was convinced little Keston had cerebral palsy — a diagnosis she made after doing research on the Internet, cop sources said. But doctors had already dismissed the notion after finding nothing wrong with the child, the sources said.
Wachenheim, who was taking antidepressants, was going to therapy once a week — but skipped out on her last session, sources said.
Her friends said Wachenheim showed no obvious signs of postpartum depression, which sources said the mother referred to in the last page of her note.
“She was delightful, beautiful (and) smart,” said neighbor Regan Conolly, 57. “She was happy.”
She said Wachenheim’s husband must be consumed with terrible grief.
“I can’t even imagine how he feels,” Conolly said. “His whole life is destroyed.”

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