Saturday, January 19, 2013

A call to national duty

The challenges affecting Nigeria seem to be overtaken by corruption and incompetence of the leadership. But this is made possible by the failure on the part of the youths to get involved in the politics of the country and to seek effective means of arresting the situation.
How can a government boldly come out to declare its intention to spend over N60bn on cell phones for farmers? Evidently this is another attempt by those at the helm of the political affairs of this country (the same people that swore to serve and protect the interests of the average Nigerian) to further loot her depleting resources.
Nigeria is falling apart and its youths are doing nothing about it. We have allowed ourselves to be distracted by socio-economic indulgences and a lifestyle that is not coherent with the collective status. Quite frankly, the country is still struggling to find its feet economically and politically. Optimists may choose to argue differently, but the truth is glaring for all to see.

The crimes committed by the present government against the people are numerous and it hurts to watch these selfish, ignorant and power-drunk individuals collectively jeopardise the future of an entire nation. What will it cost Nigerian youths to realise that things are not meant to be the way they are at present and that positive changes are highly urgent, essential and achievable?
Violence is not the answer because it is not self sustaining. What we need to do as a people is to empower ourselves with knowledge. It is vital to know what and who we are up against and how best to tackle it without harming ourselves.
We are up against physical, mental, socio-economic oppression by members of the ‘older’ generation, who seem to be comfortable with a lifestyle of corruption. They have become so comfortable that there is now a total disregard for the opinion of the average Nigerian against their excessive corrupt practices. Elections are rigged without fear, money goes missing from the Central bank Nigeria without follow-up investigations and our resources are being squandered by multi-national corporations and there is no regulatory body to ensure that these ‘billionaire demons’ are held accountable for the improper ways in which they have treated the country and our resources.
Nigeria is more than just a country; it is our home. It is high time Nigerian youths began to speak up against the problem of our dear country. We have a duty to protect our land from the bad eggs among us. We need to empower ourselves with knowledge, become politically aware and responsive to the internal threats that we face collectively.
The country is afflicted with unemployment, lack of proper infrastructure, insecurity, poor healthcare, declining international image, endless religious and ethnic conflicts fueled by greed, selfishness and ignorance. Yet we pride ourselves as the giant of Africa. We expect other nations to respect and treat us with love, sincerity and seriousness while we breed hate, deceit and mediocrity at home.
We are opportune to live in an era where information is easily spread and accessed. Information is key to the sustenance of any modern society. Let us take the battle to these corrupt and misinformed oppressors and empower ourselves by uniting for one cause, which is the improvement of our country. No one else will do this for us.
We share a common problem. So let us do something that we will make our nation proud and which future generations will benefit from positively. Spread the information on every social media, we can play effective roles in the affairs of our country without having to be violent.
We have the opportunity to help restore the lost pride of this nation. We have a choice not to be oppressed and we have the right to make that choice and seize power from the wolves that are inflicting so much pain, discomfort, confusion and death upon us. We are the future of Nigeria. That future is NOW!
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